maandag 29 april 2013

Bedroom cosplay

I love cosplay, it´s probably one of the reasons why I would like to go to Japan one day. I don´t think that there is another country where cosplay is that populair and where you find a lot of people doing that outside. Unfortunately on the other side of the globe it´s more uncommon to find people who openly enjoy cosplay. Often this is reserved for special conventions or happens behind closed doors, which is a big shame in my opinion.

With all the new (super hero) movies, cartoons, series, games and comics there is more than enough inspiration to find something that might interest you. I guess the problem might be to go out dressed in a certain outfit and get unpleasant comments, though I don´t think that it´s that extreme when you wear something innocent. Though a Catwoman outfit might get you some more attention, probably both positive and negative. But is it different when you wear leather pants or latex gloves? There will always be people who have something to say, wether that´s positive or negative they´ll speak their mind. It´s just a shame if you let that keep you from expressing yourself.

It´s good that you have a place where you can express yourself, if you´re too shy to go to a convention you could always play at home. Which brings me to bedroom cosplay, a safe place where you and your partner(s) can play and explore eachothers fantasies. Maybe you know movies, series or even games where you didn´t like the ending, so make your own ending or give another spin to the story. I´d say that the possibilities are as numerous as you can imagine them.

If you´re really creative you might even come up with your own character. A character whose appearance and personality are all made up by you. I started with my own character called Ghostface Girl, an assassin with a goth look. Which often meant bringing in (fake) weapons during play time, but also interrogation and submission came into the picture.

The most important part is that you and your partner(s) are having a good time, never forget that!!!!

vrijdag 26 april 2013

A whip, friend or foe?

Yesterday I heard something interesting, a friend of mine loves to be spanked but has a fear for whips. So she prefers to be spanked with a paddle, which is less frightening for her. But are whips really that scary?

Well I would say that depends on the person who´s handling the whip, a true sadist will be less merciful than a dom/domme. Also it helps if you know the person who wields the whip, there should always be a connection (a form of trust) between a dom/domme and a sub. Discuss how far you want to go and always have a safeword, in case you feel like you can´t take anymore in the middle of a session.

But there is no shame in using a paddle, it doesn´t make you less of a dom/domme if you prefer to use a paddle on your sub and it doesn´t make you a bad sub if you prefer a paddle over a whip. I´d say it shows you´re more than just your average dom/domme or sub when you explore further than the first things that come to mind.

Unfortunately there are also people who seem to object to whips because they think it´s sick to hit other people with a whip. When I look to equestrians who hit their horse with a whip, I don´t hear anything from these people. So am I to believe that it´s ok to hit an animal with a whip but it´s sick when you hit a human? I think that people who seem so concerned about their fellow humans should pay more attention to what they´re objecting against. Besides what people do in their private bedrooms shouldn´t concern them at all!!!!

A whip speaks to your imagination, maybe for good and maybe for bad. But often a dominatrix is pictured with a whip, so it does seem to be a part of the identification of one. Still that doesn´t mean that you have to wield one to be identified as one. Being dominant is much more than just spanking someone with a whip.

In the end a whip is nothing to be afraid of, the only fear you could have is for the person who wields it. But that is more a problem with trust than with whips....

woensdag 24 april 2013

They´re not just made for walking

Do you have an interest in boots? I think a lot of people see boots as a way of keeping your feet and part of your legs warm, maybe as a comfortable way of walking or a stylish presentation of yourself. But did you know that there are people who are completely obsessed with boots? They get aroused by just looking at someone wearing them, strangely enough they don´t have this effect when that same person wears shoes or sandals. So why do they have this effect with boots?

Often when people learn that I´m a dominatrix they ask if I also wear thigh high boots, apparantly that seems to be a part of the identification of being a dominatrix. I have to admit that I do wear them, but does me wearing thigh high boots make me a dominatrix? No of course not!!!! Just like a stripper doesn´t need to wear go go boots or an equestrian has to wear riding boots to be identified as one. But when thinking about these professions, you can´t help but picture them wearing these type of boots. Which kind of helps with answering the question mentioned in the first paragraph, it´s a part of our imagination and thus probably rooted deeply in our consciousness where also desire seems to float around. Of course this comes from my way of seeing it, there is no scientific statement I can make or give you actual proof. But then again, who really cares about the facts when it comes to desire and pleasure?

A lot of people who are into BDSM seem to have a boot fetish, some more than others but there are often signals that a dominant or sub is interested in boots. Some are interested in wearing, others in watching others wear and you have those that prefer to worship the boots and the person wearing them. But what makes someone worship boots? Is it the length that makes it good for licking or the extra height that it gives to the wearer? I guess that would definately depend who you ask, because different people can have different reasons. But to give a personal answer, just to leave you with at least something to hold on to, I would say that boots have a big attraction on me because they are a symbol of power. Also the shiny boots have an attraction on me because they´re shiny and the longer the boot the more I can admire. Like polished riding boots, don´t they just look right for licking? I know I wouldn´t mind giving those a little lick.

Different styles of boots also give different options, though the longer boots usually work better for me. I have a pair of torture boots, with spikes and shiny smooth leather, and I love wearing those boots!!!! I think it´s safe to say that those are one of my favourites, but there are of course many more that have their own unique and special quality. Personally I don´t even find it weird that some people have dozens of boots, because once you´re hooked then you´re most likely in for life!!!!

zondag 21 april 2013

Rubbing the right way

How do you feel about leather? I like to think that everything feels better with leather, like rubbing your leather body against someone else in leather creates some sexual tension. Much better than rubbing two naked bodies against eachother, people have been doing that for centuries and it´s not quite that imaginative. But when you put on a leather glove and touch someone else it´s like your senses are dulled, but at the same time you can still feel and it makes it more interesting because it´s not a direct touch but an indirect touch. Of course latex will enhance this feeling even more but I think latex gets more than enough attention when it comes to that.

When you see someone wearing leather pants or a skirt, doesn´t that make you want to watch? Why would someone wear that? Is it because they´re cold, ok with a leather skirt I don´t think that´s the reason, or are they just showing a little bit of their naughty side? Compared to latex or pvc, I think it´s safe to say that leather is more accepted by the vanilla crowd. Oh sure it might raise an eyebrow and I´m not saying that people won´t stare at your perfectly shaped butt in those tight leather pants. But I guess if someone stares at you for wearing something nice, that could be considered as a compliment!

Leather is a good way to spice things up in the bedroom, but unfortunately it´s not for everyone. I´m not saying that leather doesn´t look good on some people, no it´s more like some people aren´t that comfortable wearing leather. Which is a shame, because you´re missing out on something good. If you have a moral point of objection then by all means try pleather, which is for those that prefer not to wear something that once belonged to a living creature. It´s also cheaper than leather, if that´s important to you.

But getting back to the important part, one of the things I like to use leather for, is how to use leather in a more arousing and playful way. Enjoy your leather body with that of someone else also in leather, let your lips find their way over the other leather body and brand those fiery kisses so that person knows that you´re turned on. It might suprise you but sight isn´t the important sense here, now it´s all about touch. Even if you´re alone, leather can give pleasure. It´s probably the main reason why I wear leather on almost a daily basis....

vrijdag 19 april 2013

Lights out?

You meet someone interesting, there is a connection and you feel the need to get intimate with this person. But then there it is, you´re in the bed and your partner decides to turn off the lights. How does that make you feel?

Maybe you prefer it this way, you don´t need to see what you´re doing and having sex doesn´t actually require you to see. Perhaps it has a deeper meaning, because your eyes can no longer see your other sense become stronger. So you can hear better, feel better and taste better. Hopefully leading to better sex.

But there is also a less positive reason, maybe you just don´t want to see the other person. Maybe you´re not that physical attracted to him or her, but you do want to have sex and by turning off the lights you hope it will positively influence the sex. Or is it that seeing the other person actually having sex with you is a turn off for you?

I guess it could be that you´re keeping the lights on, not everyone feels that comfortable in the dark. We all have our own reasons and ways, but how do they influence us in our sexual adventures?

So lights on or off?

dinsdag 16 april 2013

Time to shine!!!!

Do you have that obession with anything shiny? The moment you see someone wearing something that has a nice shine to it you go crazy, if so then you and me have something in common. But what is it that makes us tick like that? Well I´m not a scientist but it is probably something in your mind that triggers the effect you have when you see something shiny. That might make it difficult watching someone wearing latex or make it just a lot more interesting, as long as you don´t jump on that person then you´ll be ok I guess.

I noticed I had a thing for shiny clothing when I saw Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns as Catwoman. Now that was a shiny outfit and I think I´m not the only one that thinks she looks incredibly hot in that movie. But latex wasn´t really that much worn in public, well it still isn´t but in movies and on the internet you can find more people who are into that. Which is great because it´s not something a lot of people would confess that they have a thing for latex, apparantly it´s considered as odd because if it stimulates your sexual drive then that can only be a good thing right?

Sometimes I think about how it would be if all people would wear latex, we would have a shiny world and maybe there would be a bit more love and a bit less war!!!! Well that´s probably just a dream, a very hot dream might I say but unfortunately just a dream. Maybe in a possible future it will be a fashion that is accepted all over the world, now that would be a world I would like to live in!!!!

The only bad thing about latex is the price, but for those who have less money to spend there is also pvc. This is also shiny and a bit less tight around the body, also great for people who have allergy problems with latex. But I think nothing can beat latex, the way it feels and smells is something that you have to experience for yourself!!!!

zondag 14 april 2013

Once bitten.....never bites again!

A sub of mine broke a tooth when he was biting on my whip, now he expects me to pay for that. You pay the price for your own stupidity!!!! But let me clear things up a bit more, I guess it´s not fair (not that I care) to explain it like that.

So I have a sub that has a biting fetish, he likes to bite and loves to be bitten. Unfortunately for him I don´t bite, well unless you touch me then I do bite and hard! So to take out his frustrations he likes to bite on my BDSM equipment, I told him before that this isn´t a good idea but men like to believe that they know things better than women when it comes to certain things in life.

Now before you wonder if he was a dog in a past life I´ll have to mention that he isn´t a bad guy, stupid yes but not really a bad guy. But even a good dog needs discipline, otherwise you get a spoiled little troublemaker. Maybe I wasn´t hard enough on him, maybe I should´ve bought him a chew toy to keep him busy. But what´s done is done and to look back at this I don´t see how this is my fault. You´re responsible for your own actions!!!!

The poor man has learned from his mistakes and he doesn´t seem to be chewing on my personal belongings, so maybe there is a happy end to this story or it´s just a matter of time before doggy starts biting again.....

zaterdag 6 april 2013

Spring Fling

Do you know that feeling in your stomach when it feels like you´ve swallowed some butterflies?When all you can think of is that special someone? I´d say that´s pretty sick but then again it does have a certain charm, to fall in love and give in to the more primal urges that we seem to have from time to time. Especially in this time of the year the rise of idiotic behaviour seems to be at a maximum, though I can´t it bothers me that much. It´s nice to be appreciated, but it´s less nice when someone drools all over you. I guess it can´t all be good, though that doesn´t make it all bad.

I think that we all want to be loved and appreciated deep down inside, maybe even more in this time of the year. Though I seriously doubt that it gives you the right to stuff your happiness with someone in the faces of other people, unfortunately that´s something you see a lot when you look at your average profile of someone that is in a relationship. Some people call me twisted for hitting my subs with a whip, but I couldn´t do as much harm with my whip as some people do with their annoying pictures. So you tell me, who is really twisted here?

Still it´s not all bad, love is in the air and so we can all take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Before you know it we´re in Summer and then it´s too hot to have that much fun, unless you enjoy sweating in your latex catsuit. So enjoy this time if you can, it´s not a crime if you don´t!

Dark kisses

Mistress Minerva