zaterdag 13 september 2014

Is a name important?

You´d be surprised how important names can be, because when you meet people online then their name (wether that´s his or her real name or a name he or she has chosen to use) is one of the first things you´ll probably see. It´s difficult to take someone serious when he or she calls himself or herself the ultimate Dom/Domme. Of course there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a name that´s nothing like your real name, but remember that certain names might give others a bad first impression of you.

So it pays off to be original? Absolutely! Instead of being Ultimate Dom/Domme, MaSteR of PaiN or Goddes1234 you could come up with something original. This doesn´t just show that you´re original, it also shows that you care about your name and not just pick something random. Sometimes the name someone chooses has a meaning, maybe it´s just a meaning to that person but that can be important. Don´t be surprised if there is a story behind a name someone has chosen, especially when it´s an original name. Some people will even appreciate it when you ask him or her why he or she chose that name. It´s a good way to show that you´re interested in the other person and that you´re not some random person just saying hi.

First impressions are important and your name is one of the first things someone will learn when they meet you, wether that´s online or offline. Especially a name you pick yourself can say something about you, not just how original you are but also what that name means to you. I guess not everyone is willing to share this with just everyone but if you show sincere interest then someone might just tell you.

As a Dom/Domme you want to pick a name that fits well with you, of course you could just call yourself Master or Mistress and then your real name. You don´t have to pick another name, especially when you´re happy with your name or don´t see the importance in changing it then I wouldn´t advice you to do it. But it might be difficult to stick out as Master John or Mistress Jane when there are several Doms/Dommes out there that go by those names. If you decide to use a different name then you might want to choose something that makes people remember you, maybe even want them to get to know you. A name can be quite powerful, never understimate that!

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