woensdag 30 oktober 2013

You know you want to

A lot of times I get messages from people telling me that I look hot, which is nice to hear but then I really wonder why they say that. Is it because they think I look attractive, do they like my personality or is it because I wear some fetish outfit that drives him or her wild? Well I know the feeling, as a kid I already got excited by shiny outfits, I´ve already mentioned my Catwoman love in Batman Returns but there are of course more examples. For example in a music video by a Dutch duo called Critical Mass (I´m talking now about something from the mid 90´s) the girl was wearing a latex catsuit in one of the videos. Now that was love on first sight, I wanted to touch and wear that! But I was a teenager and not really that open about my love for latex, especially because nobody wears that where I grew up. But deep down inside my love for this shiny piece of material would grow over the years. Until I was mature enough to not care about what others think and just wear whatever I like!

This really brings me to the point, why do people often drool over your outfit but don´t really dare to come out of the vanilla closet and just admit that they love fetish outfits? I know that some people prefer to see others wear that instead of wearing it themselves. I can actually understand that, but personally I don´t find this attractive in someone. As much as I like to feel good in my outfits, I also like to see others wearing something like that. But that´s not always that easy, especially when most people you meet in your daily life hide behind excuses why they don´t like it or wear it. As a teenager I get it, but as an adult you can just be honest and say that you like something? I don´t ask people to parade through the streets wearing latex, but this complete refusal of doing anything seems a bit weak to me. This I only like to watch attitude, it´s boring and definately not a turn on!

But I don´t want to force people, if you´re not confident enough or just not comfortable with the idea of being seen with latex then don´t do it. Still that keeps me wondering, why deny yourself of something you really want to? So your family and friends don´t understand that? That´s a shame, it really is, but don´t let that stop you from doing something you like. As selfish as it might sound, sometimes you just have to do what you want to and not always think of what others might think or what they would say. You can live your whole life pleasing others and what do you have at the end of your life? Regret? If only I tried to put on a latex outfit, if only I tried to do something kinky. That´s why I think you should do what you want to do. To make it easier for you, with Halloween you could always wear a latex outfit and just say that it´s based on a character from a movie or something like that. You have a right to be kinky, you have a right to be interested in something less innocent and you have a right to look good in something shiny!!!!

maandag 28 oktober 2013

I´m horny all the time!

At first you´d probably say that you don´t see this as a problem, but remember that there are situations where you probably don´t want to feel that way. For example when you have to do a presentation, during a job interview, meeting the parents of your boyfriend or girlfriend, when you´re babysitting and there are probably many more situations where it´s not something you want to experience. Everything has a time and a place and being horny all the time doesn´t seem like something you want, at least I can´t imagine anyone who wants to feel that way.

I think even in a relationship the other might get enough of sex after a couple of weeks, especially when this person doesn´t have this horny feeling all the time. You can be nice and play along, but really after some time it must really get annoying. Especially when you´re absolutely not in the mood for sex! Refusing someone once for sex doesn´t have to be bad, but do it a couple of times and the other might think you´re no longer attracted to him or her. So always be careful about just saying no, sometimes it´s better to explain why you´re not into sex. Definately don´t point any fingers at someone, because that doesn´t help anyone! Someone doesn´t choose to be horny all the time, this is just something that happens. But to be fair I think that someone that is horny all the time shouldn´t expect his or her partner to always be in the mood as well. Once again communication can be a good way to handle this. Maybe with some regular sex you can find some more balance, if not then there is always a good chance that things will become less wild when you get older. But I wouldn´t guarantee that, some people are just hot!

What can I do when I´m horny but don´t want to feel this way? The smartest thing would be to think about things that don´t turn you on, you can even go so far as to think of things that disgust you. But also try to avoid things that might turn you on, which isn´t always that easy. Imagine working somewhere and you have to wear rubber gloves, if rubber gloves turn you on then you might be in trouble. I wouldn´t say change your job but you might want to wear some cloth gloves under your rubber gloves and probably not look at the other workers. There is nothing wrong with feeling horny, but you might not want that feeling all the time. So you could distract yourself with something hot or cold, for example some ice cream or a cup of tea. You could always bite on your tongue, but for some people pain is also a turn on. So really you probably know yourself what works best for you to counter an unwanted horny feeling. Just don´t be ashamed of it, because it´s a natural feeling and deep down inside you know it feels good!

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Primal lust

Do you ever have that feeling that when you see someone that you want that person? You´re not in love and it´s not really about anything really, all you want to do is have some wild sex with that person. Maybe some of you think that this is something silly, but really are we suddenly so civilized that we don´t know what lust is? Some people might only have sex with people they love and I respect that, but sometimes your body just wants something and who are you to deny that?

This feeling of lust can so easily be triggered by something, maybe it´s something someone wears or what someone is doing. Especially when the idea of a certain fantasy has been roaming around in your mind for some time, that´s when it becomes difficult to control yourself once you encounter someone that can make that fantasy become reality. Of course such encounters are quite uncommon, especially when it´s an unusual fantasy. But if leather turns you on, then you probably don´t have a hard time finding someone to get busy with. But it doesn´t always have to be something they wear or do, sometimes it can be as simple as an accent. I´ve seen people go wild for a French accent, to name one, and the person who had that accent didn´t really look like a fantasy.

No matter how you feel about someone or something, someone else can have different feelings about that. So jumping on someone in a sexual rage might not be the best way to deal with primal lust, unless that´s something both of you like then I´d say do whatever you like! But seriously, it´s not a good idea to be too forward with these things. As much as we have this primal lust in our bodies, we also have a brain (well most of us anyway). So don´t be shy to use that in moments of primal lust, because you don´t want to do something you might regret later. In the moment everything seems fine, but regret usually comes later....

The ideal situation would be if you and the other person have the same type of fetish, which will help you with getting turned on by eachother. Still this doesn´t automaticly mean that the other person is interested in you! If you´re good at reading signals then you should know when the other person wants you, if you´re not certain then play it a bit more careful. Oh before I forget, always use protection! Have fun!

woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Dominating in public

A lot of people that are into BDSM usually do this behind closed doors, which is quite understandable since not many people consider it normal to see someone walking around on a leash or kneeling in front of someone else. As civilized as our community might be we´re still not at a point that certain things are widely accepted, I guess it will depend where you do it but most of the time you´ll get some looks or people shaking their head. But how crazy is it really?

It´s nice when you have a good bond with your sub, but to take that from the bedroom to the street might be a big step for some people. Perhaps it´s even something some people can´t even handle, which isn´t something anyone should be ashamed of. Because BDSM isn´t widely accepted most of the BDSM community works behind closed doors, which is definately a shame! But there is something nice to have some privacy, so it´s not that bad. Still there are times that you just want to go out and be yourself, which in some cases means dressed up in latex and have your sub on a leash with you while you go shopping.

What is there to fear? Well the responses of other people are often something that people have difficulty facing, but really if you´re just having a good time and not harming anyone then why can´t you be yourself? If you feel good when you wear latex or leather, then you shouldn´t be limited in wearing it. The same counts for going out with your sub, if you´re having a good time with your sub then why keep it restricted to inside only? Of course it´s not nice to force someone to go outside when they clearly don´t want to, there is a thing called humiliation and there is just being a dick about it. Going outside dressed up and playing should be fun, not just for one but for both of you!

Of course you get responses, some of them are nice and some of them are not so nice. Just remember that you have every right to be outside, if someone has a problem with you being outside then that´s their problem and not yours! There is nothing wrong with showing dominance, I´d say it brings an interesting flavour to the D/s relationship. But because a lot of people will probably not understand you, you might want to take it easy. Personally I love to go outside with a sub, suddenly the area to play has become so much bigger! Just don´t forget to dress yourself warm in this time of the year!

zondag 13 oktober 2013

Wearing a mask

I think we all wear masks, some we can see and some we can´t see. I guess in the end only you know what is real and what is your mask. So why do you wear a mask? Well going back far enough in time there are actually enough rituals or cultural customs where you would wear a mask, even in modern times there are moments that masks are used. For example with carnaval some people wear a mask. But if someone would decide to wear a mask and walk through the city wearing that mask then he or she will probably get a long of looks from other people, because it´s not considered as normal to walk around with a mask on. Personally I don´t think it´s that weird, I mean if you´re just wearing a mask then who really cares? But in Westeren culture it´s important that you can see eachother, a lot of people don´t like it when someone else is hidden or at least not recognizable.

Are masks a sign of trouble? Well in the old cartoons you would often see the bad guys with masks on, for example in the Donald Duck cartoons and comics you have the Beagle Boys who always wear their masks. Even in disguise they would always wear their masks, which is like a sign that they´re bad. But are people who wear masks really that bad? Of course a cartoon or comic isn´t reality, so no people who wear masks aren´t always bad. In a way masks are often misunderstood and by some people even considered as something not of this time, maybe that´s true but I think that masks have a bigger role than a lot of people think. A mask can be for protection, but you can also wear it because you like it. A masks offers you some anonimity, which comes in handy when you´re doing things that not everyone can accept. I don´t even mean criminal activities, no I mean BDSM!

So why do I wear a mask? To be honest with you I first started wearing a mask for protection, I didn´t want to be recognized by people who know nothing of my life as a dominatrix. So my mask was my shield, it protected me and it helped because no one ever recognized me. But after some years of being a masked mistress it became more than that, my mask became my symbol and my subs would recognize me as the mistress with the mask. My mask became me, at least a part of me. When I wear it I´m Mistress Minerva, without my mask I don´t have this feeling as much as when I wear my mask. But that doesn´t mean that the mask makes me Mistress Minerva! It´s a bit difficult to explain, perhaps if you´re familiar with wearing masks then you know what I mean.

zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Can spanking turn into abuse?

I´ve been getting this question a lot from people who want to try spanking with their partner, which is actually not a dumb question. I could be political about it and tell you a whole story and then give you the answer, but I´ll be direct here and tell you that it´s not like that. If someone truly wishes to spank you then it doesn´t turn into abuse, if someone abuses you then there is an intention for that and that´s not awakened because you allow someone to spank you.

But that´s easy to say, I mean one person isn´t the other and what if someone does get more violent with every spanking session? I think with spanking it´s about finding someones limit, how much can someone take and how good are you in finding that limit? I´ve heard stories about people that were quite unhappy with the spanking they received from their partner, because he or she wasn´t even getting close to the limit of the other. It can be scary at first, because you don´t want to permanently hurt your partner but at the same time you are trying something that arouses him or her and probably also yourself. The trick is to communicate, if someone remains silent you don´t know if you´re doing it right or wrong and if you should step it up. But on the other hand it´s also important that the person who is being spanked is very honest, when you can´t take more then just be honest about it. It´s not a contest and nobody thinks you´re amazing just because you can last longer than someone else, that´s not what spanking is about! But getting back to violence, it´s not impossible for someone to let loose some violence in a spanking session. But if this is controlled then it shouldn´t be a problem, still it´s not something I would welcome in a spanking session. You don´t spank someone to blow off some steam, it´s for pleasure!

Is it silly to be scared for your first spanking session? Well as I mentioned above, if someone spanks you for his or her arousal then I shouldn´t be too worried. Just make certain that you made some rules before you begin, also be very clear what you want and to use a safeword if things get too rough for you. There is no shame if you have had enough after a few hits, especially for a first time it can be quite intense! But even with all the rules and conversations things can go wrong, sometimes that´s an accident and sometimes it´s actually on purpose. That´s why I also recommend you do your spanking sessions with someone you trust and that you know for quite some time. It also helps if the one that does the spanking has some experience, but we all have to learn it at some point so don´t feel discouraged just because someone isn´t that experienced. It´s important that you both have fun, not just the one that is being spanked but also the person that does the spanking. It´s actually cruel to let your partner spank you when he or she doesn´t really want to do that, so make certain before you even think of starting a spanking session that you´re both a 100% behind this!

If you do feel like a spanking is getting out of control then don´t feel ashamed to stop, the moment you don´t feel comfortable with it anymore is the moment you should stop. Don´t let someone convince you to keep going when you really want to stop, because it´s not just about the other having fun! If someone truly hurts you and you want to stop, then make it perfectly clear to him or her! If the person that spanks you is still hurting you then it´s probably a good idea to get the hell away from that person! But I´d say in a loving relationship where spanking is quite new I wouldn´t worry about abuse, especially if your partner has never shown signs of that before. Just be careful and communicate, I´m certain that everything will work out just fine!

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Does your boss secretly want you to dominate him or her?

It´s not that uncommon actually, I´ve met plenty of people who have an important function in a company and love to be dominated. But what makes someone want to be dominated? Does it have something to do with their job or is it just in their nature? I think it´s unfair to say that it´s just in their nature, because how do you explain a switch? It´s more like a feeling inside, the will to dominate is one and the will to submit is the other. Of course everything isn´t always that black and white, but to put things in a simple perspective I´d say that´s how you could see it. So is your boss unhappy with what he or she does? Well I doubt everyone has a need to be dominated, some people absolutely don´t like it at all! I´m not even talking about people who like to dominate others, domination just isn´t for everyone.

I think a lot of people lead a double life, not that it´s always that drastic but I´m certain that the person you see at your work could be more than what you might see. You could work with someone for years and not know that he or she has a BDSM interest, because it´s not something people would openly talk about because it´s not openly accepted. When people find out that you have an interest in BDSM then they´ll look at you as if you´re an alien. It won´t take long for the lame jokes and soon people will make fun of you, because you like something that they can´t or refuse to understand. So imagine that your boss might not want other to know that he or she likes BDSM, that he or she secretly wants to be dominated. I´m certain some employees would love to dominate their boss, especially when their boss makes them work hard. So is there a way to find out if your boss likes to be dominated? Well you could always ask him or her, but I wouldn´t recommend that. There are definately subtle ways of finding out if someone has an interest in BDSM. You can safely figure that out by using terms used in BDSM, of course it will all depend on your relationship with your boss. If things are quite informal it´s easier, because in a formal situation you probably don´t have a casual conversation that often with your boss. But getting back to subtle hints, you can always mention things to check if they know something about BDSM. For example when you talk about trust you could mention that you would never tell anyone anything unless they know your password, which is quite subtle because it doesn´t necessarily mean that you´re talking about something related to BDSM. But another approach would be that if someone would want to get information out of you when it´s a secret that they´ll have to tie you up and torture you, the key would be that you´d mention that you wouldn´t mind. When you´d say that then you just have to pay attention to his or her reaction, of course this doesn´t mean that it always leads to succes or gets you a clear answer. As long as BDSM is frowned upon, people will hardly ever speak openly about it at work.

Your boss could also be a Dom/Domme, something that is also quite common. In a way that actually makes more sense, but a Dom/Domme doesn´t always have to be a boss to be able to do what he or she does. That innocent looking woman in the library could be a feisty dominatrix and that nervous guy that works at the bank could be a stone cold dominator. Looks can deceive and sometimes people have reasons for that, you should never reveal all that you are. Because when people know everything about you already, what is there left to discover?

dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Sleeping in latex

It´s Autumn and the nights are getting colder, so it´s smart to keep yourself warm under the blankets. Some people have a partner they can crawl against for body heat and others use an extra blanket or an electric blanket, but I like to dress myself in some latex to keep me warm on those cold nights. Latex is really the type of material you can wear almost anywhere at any time, the only time I´m not that fond of latex is when it´s hot inside the house. Because sweating in latex isn´t something I consider as sexy, I know that some people like it but I´m not that fond of it.

So what can you wear to keep yourself warm on a cold night? Well latex socks or stockings are a good way to keep your feet warm, that´s usually the worst when your body is warm but your feet are ice cold! Of course you can wear woolen socks, but really do you prefer to wear those socks instead of latex socks? But even if you have someone else in the bed then it´s fun to tickle someone with your latex feet. Some like to wear a full catsuit in bed, personally I´m not a big fan of that myself. I love latex but I don´t like to wear too much when I´m in bed, so that´s really for the ones that just want to be very comfortable in latex. Latex gloves are also nice under the sheets, they keep your hands warm and they feel good on your body. Of course it´s more fun with someone else in your bed, but that doesn´t mean you can´t have fun all by yourself!

At first it kind of feels weird to sleep in latex, because when you´re not used to wear that much clothing in bed then it´s awkward to suddenly do wear more clothing. Especially the gloves and the stockings felt weird at first, but once you´ve gotten used to it then you can´t imagine sleeping without on those cold and lonely nights. I guess we all have our own ways to get some sleep, it doesn´t all have to be the same way and probably that´s for the best. You should stick with what you like and hopefully the person with whom you share you bed isn´t opposed to you wearing what you like. If they do object then you can always show them where your couch is, if he or she has problems with latex!

maandag 7 oktober 2013

Two kinksters, no dominant

This might seem weird to you but personally I don´t find this weird, because when two people both have an interest in kinky activities then why must one of them be a dominant? The most important part is that you have fun together! Maybe you´re suprised to hear this from a dominatrix, but a dominatrix isn´t all that I am. Sometimes it´s just fun to have a good time with friends, sure I can be bossy but then again that´s probably one of the reasons my friends love me. But it can go further than just friendly play, some people have a good relationship where there is no dominant present. If you keep eachother in balance then why must one exceed the other?

I´ve always been fascinated by people who have a kinky relationship but there is no sign of a D/s relationship, of course I mean with a kinky relationship more than just wearing that shiny outfit every weekend! Maybe it´s even easier without a dominant, I can´t say that I have a lot of experience in these kind of relationships. Because most people I´ve been in a relationship with clearly wanted me to be the dominant one, something I gladly accept. But wouldn´t it be nice to just have a good time with someone you care deeply for? You would be two good friends that explore and discover things about the other and about yourself. Perhaps that´s the best way to start in BDSM, not directly looking for a Dom/Domme but just finding someone like you who is new and just to have fun with.

Now don´t get me wrong, as a dominatrix I´ll always hold a big love for what I do! But as I mentioned above, it´s not all that I am. It would be pretty boring and simple if that would define all that I am. Maybe above all I´m a lover of kinky things, so that probably makes me a kinkster in my heart. In a way isn´t the love for kinky things that gets us interested in BDSM? It doesn´t even have to be all of it, but at least it all starts with a love for something different. Deep down inside you usually know what you are, but I don´t think the world is black and white. So that means that not everyone is either a Dom/Domme or a sub. Having a love for shiny things probably makes you a kinkster, playing with others in shiny things makes you a naughty kinkster and having someone lick your boots as you spank them probably makes you a Dom/Domme. Well that´s a simple way to put it, but at least that creates a picture in your mind.

So when you meet someone and he or she is into kinky things just like you, then don´t be alarmed if you or the other has no dominant side. Because a love for kinky things doesn´t mean someone needs to dominate. On the other side it also means that just because you like kinky things, it doesn´t directly make you a Dom/Domme! Some things you know by heart, other things you learn through experience. Whatever it is that you are, I hope you´re having fun with the things you do!

zondag 6 oktober 2013

That rubber touch

Do you remember when you first touched rubber? Did it make you feel weird in your private place? It actually started so innocent for me, a pair of wet rubber boots. They´re purely practical, supposed to keep your feet dry. But all I could think about is touching them and not just with my hands! It didn´t take long for me from touching rubber to actually wear rubber myself, because no matter how good it looks on others I prefer to wear it myself. As strange as this might seem to you, but when I get aroused by seeing myself in rubber then I know that I´ve done a good job. Of course it´s not about getting people aroused, I don´t like to make a mess, but wearing something that makes you happy. It´s nice if what you wear also makes others happy, well sometimes some people get a little bit too happy and then they still make a mess. But I can´t deny how much I love that rubber touch, from a simple rubber glove to a whole outfit!

Sometimes this fetish gets out of control for me, I see then people doing their work but then come the rubber gloves or the rubber boots and I know that it does something with me. As much as they´re just doing their job I just want to tie them up and have my way with them, maybe something is wrong with me? Some people might actually let me get away with it but I know these desires are just naughty thoughts in my mind, still they´re tempting and good material for some interesting stories I sometimes write. It´s funny in a way how someone who is absolutely not trying to be attractive can be irresistable to you just because he or she wears something that turns you on. But there is a danger that you´re into someone just because they wear something that turns you on. That makes waking up next to them naked a day later an awkward situation. It´s great if someone wears something that turns you on, but don´t be with someone just because of that. It´s not fair towards that person and some might actually be ok with it, but let´s be honest and agree that this isn´t really material for a solid relationship. If for some reason you´re just looking for some hot sex and the other as well, then don´t feel bad about it and just do what you like. It would be nice though if you mentioned to the other what turns you on, because you don´t want to be in the situation that the other suddenly doesn´t wear rubber but satin.

Of course you can have a loving partner that doesn´t mind wearing something that you like, I think that is a big must for those with a kinky fetish. Because the same boring stuff gets old real fast if that´s all you´re going to do, spicing up your sex life is never a bad idea! So maybe you have a strange fetish, if someone truly loves you then it doens´t really matter to him or her. But it might be smart to be careful what you say, because as acceptible some people can be not everyone will accept everything! Also don´t make it all about you, sometimes it also means that you wear something for your partner. You might not always like that, but if someone does something for you then it´s only fair that you do something for him or her. Just be careful what you agree to, if you truly don´t want to do something then don´t feel forced to do it just because you did something for the other. If you really don´t like to wear a gasmask then don´t do it, I´ve seen people passing out wearing one and it´s not something you want to make someone go through. If you can´t do one thing for someone then there must be something else, don´t be afraid to say no but also try not to say no too often. I think we all have a fetish that is acceptable for the other.

Online excitement

Have you ever met someone online with whom you´ve had a pleasurable conversation and you wish he or she would live closer? Well that´s one of the risks of meeting people online, because most of them won´t live next door. It can actually be quite frustrating when someone means a lot to you but meeting that person is just difficult, mostly because of distance and the expensives that come along with that. Maybe you feel comfortable to visit someone when they´re from the same country, even if that means traveling for a couple of hours. But what if someone lives on the other side of the ocean? Then the chance of meeting him or her becomes quite small, it´s not strange that some people just aren´t that interested in anything more than just friendship with people from another part of the world. I don´t blame them, but sometimes it´s a real shame. I mean if you meet someone with whom you have a good connection, when there is clearly chemistry between you and the other then you would most likely want to explore that further. Unfortunately this isn´t always possible, which often leads to just friendly conversations or some naughty online conversations. Online conversations are nice, but when the conversation gets spicy then it´s a shame that it will only be a conversation and that any real touching will have to be done by yourself.

No matter how good your imagination is, I don´t think anything can beat to actually have the person you have feelings for with you in the room. So you can have your online conversations, your pictures and videos but it will never be as when the person would actually be there with you. So having this spicy conversation will really become interesting if you both have a good imagination and some naughty thoughts. For example I had for a moment a lot of fun writing a story with a friend online, I would start the story and then she would continue. This would go on until one of us would finish the story and start another one, this lead to some interesting and sexy conversations. It´s actually a turn on to see someone being creative, to make a world where you and the other person can do whatever you want. Now before you think that this was just about us meeting and having sex then I´ll have to disappoint you, because we actually wrote a long story with a lot of details in it. Characters with backgrounds and even a full description of the places where the story took place. I always loved getting a message from her and then I´d be interested in what she was reading, which often lead to me getting aroused by her dirty but playful mind. Oh it´s not as much fun as actually spending time together but it´s better then just talking online about what you want to do with the other person.

Personally I think your mind is probably the most sexy part of your body, if you only knew what you could do with that then you´d probably not even think about using your hands. Well maybe some of you would, I mean there are desires and a quick release might just be what the doctor has ordered. The thing is that people who talk about having sex and what they would want to do with the other are often the same idea, there is hardly ever any creativity in it and fantasies often are poorly explained. For example I could say that I like shiny things, but that´s not being clear what I really like. Some might think I get turned on by plastic or glitter, well I´m not! But even if you guess it right, yes I like latex so what will you do with that information? Are you going to tell me you´re dressed in latex and you´re horny? Well that´s not much of a story, that´s just getting to the point as fast as you can. Maybe some of you like to get it over with quickly, but some people like to enjoy certain things. When I see someone in latex I don´t think that I need to jump on this person and have sex. Oh sure the thought will run circles through my mind but that´s not interesting is it? You want to feel the latex, taste it and rub your shiny butt against it. I could write an entire chapter just what it would do to me when I see someone in latex, that is just talking about feelings and describing the scene. I´m not even talking about approaching the person in latex, that´s just all desire and naughty thoughts put into words.

So share your kinky thoughts online, be creative and find others with a similar taste as yours. But don´t be afraid to try new things, because why stick with what you know when there is so much else out there for you to discover! A word of advice though, I wouldn´t talk about fantasies in my first message to someone else. First get to know someone and you can check if there are similar interests and maybe a possible connection. Then go further from that point, that is if the other feels the same as you. Maybe distance stands in your way of being with someone, but online you can be as close as your minds will allow it!

dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Pretty pleather

Some love it and others hate it, but the reasons to hate it are often based on the fact that it´s not real leather. Personally I love pleather, it´s a cheaper version of leather and it´s not that different when you compare it to leather. Sure some people will say that leather is much better, perhaps that´s true but that doesn´t automaticly make pleather bad. What I also like about pleather is that it´s often a lot cheaper than leather and people won´t whine that you´re wearing an animal. I don´t know how the animal activists are in your country but here things can go pretty crazy! Have you ever been chased by people with a paint brush? Well I haven´t either, but it doesn´t look like it´s fun....

When I touch pleather I don´t feel like I´m touching something weird, all this negative talk you hear about leather is often from leather elitists. It´s often not even based on experience with pleather, a lot of time it´s just a prejudice. I´ve got pleather clothes, I like to wear them and I don´t get any comments from people that recognize pleather instantly. Also when you see someone in pleather will you really be negative? Will you say: "oh you sure look hot but I´m not interested in you because you wear pleather!" Pleather is something for people who prefer not to wear leather or just don´t have the money to buy leather, so why should it get so much negativity? I mean does someone that wears leather actually feels himself or herself better than someone that wears pleather?

The most important thing when wearing clothes is that you feel comfortable in it, don´t worry what other people have to say! Because there will always be people that won´t be positive about your style. As a goth that´s something that I encounter a lot, people that hate your style. There isn´t even a real reason for it, some people just hate to hate. Don´t let that discourage you in any way! Wear what you like to wear, don´t be afraid to try something new and if you´re a bit nervous about wearing something then first try it on and let some good friends tell you how it look on you. When I look at pleather then I see something I want to touch, I want to lick it and I want to smell it. In a way just as I want to do that with leather.