woensdag 31 juli 2013


A man in uniform is sexy, you´ve probably heard of that but is this true and can the same be said about a woman in uniform? I like uniforms, well not all of them but some definately look good. But a lot of uniforms are worn too much, as if they have nothing else in their closet to wear. If you´re going to dress up then try something else every now and then, you don´t want to be known as the one suit man or woman.

When I look at latex uniforms almost everything looks good, I guess the only type of latex uniforms I don´t like are the bright ones because they hurt my eyes. Though having a pink latex friend to play with isn´t something I´d refuse, but I would wear sunglasses! Latex offers you a lot of different uniforms and often with a bit more of a fetish design, but you can still see what type of uniform it´s supposed to be.

Uniforms are fun if you enjoy roleplay, for example the cop that pulls you over for a busted tail light and then you have wild sex in the back of the car. I think the nurse uniform is pretty populair as well, though nurses here don´t really dress like the fetish nurse. Which is a shame though, but I guess it might be too tempting to end up in the hospital otherwise!

People who actually wear a uniform for their job probably wear it a bit more than they have to, at least if the uniform looks good on them. But some uniforms are not supposed to be worn outside work hours, so I guess that isn´t always possible. That´s why your bedroom is probably the best place to wear your uniforms, if it drives your partner wild then things can only get hotter!

As a dominatrix you also wear uniforms, something a dominatrix makes her own uniform. Though the traditional thigh high boots and shiny top with gloves are probably the way most people see a dominatrix. I´ve mentioned it before that not every dominatrix wears that. But I like it and I wear it myself!

zondag 28 juli 2013


It´s bloody hot here so one the last things I´d like to think about right now is gloves, but when the temperature is a bit less warm then I like to wear gloves. It´s not that strange really, a century or two ago a lot of people would wear gloves. Usually for formal occasions or just to keep their hands clean. But it´s also a good way to hide less attractive hands. These days people use gloves a lot for work, to protect their hands or in a sterile environment. But I just like to wear them because they feel great and look good!

You have gloves in different sizes and types, personally I like the long ones because I think they look better. But we all have our own favourite, so don´t feel discouraged to wear a type of glove that isn´t populair. It might be more difficult to buy them though, but a lot of fetish shops should have some gloves in stock. As much as I like to have shiny fingers in my gloves I find it more practical to have fingerless gloves, because it makes it easier to handle my whip or other accessories. Of course these fingerless gloves are also in the longer style.

So when or where do you use gloves? I don´t think gloves are only usuable in the bedroom, why not go out with your shiny gloves or have a party at your house. As a Dom/Domme you´ll probably use gloves for a more practical use, but subs might be allowed to kiss them as a sign of worship. They also look good on people who go for the full rubber doll look. Having your hands uncovered might ruin the look, but some nice gloves can help you with that. Also if you´re unhappy about the way your hands look or you just don´t feel like putting nail polish on your hands, then gloves can cover up less attractive hands.

During sex it can be even more exciting for someone to wear (rubber) gloves. For example when you finger a woman or go anal with a guy, when they feel the glove inside them it might be a huge turn on. Otherwise you can always touch their body with your gloves and drive them wild, massage the breasts or cock and before you know it they´re at a boiling point. Just remember to clean your gloves after every use of them, it´s not nice to stick your butt gloves in a vagina!

vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Thigh high boots

For me thigh high boots are a part of the ultimate fantasy, I can´t really describe what makes them so special but seeing someone wear them or walking around in them myself just feels good. With feeling good I mean that it makes me horny as hell. Especially the shiny version with the long heels, the laces look good but if I´m wearing them myself I prefer zippers. It takes some time to get them on but once you walk around in them you feel good and you look good!

Unfortunately not everyone feels that way, at least not openly, because women in thigh high boots are often mistaken for prostitutes. Of course this is ridiculous, as if a woman can´t walk around in thigh high boots just because she likes them. I´m glad though that more and more women seem to break free from closed minded thinking and just wear them when they feel like it. I almost have to control myself not to compliment someone for wearing thigh high boots in public, it´s a nice sight and it brings some beauty in sneakers and ankle boots society.

Thigh high boots are also expensive, at least if you want something good. But like so many things in life, if it´s good then you´re probably willing to pay a bit more. You´ll be suprised that there are many places where you can buy them, though the offer is probably bigger than the demand. Unless a lot of people do buy them but wear them in private. Which is something I do understand, but it´s still a shame.

In some movies thigh high boots also show up, for example in the dark knight rises. I don´t think I have to put the Halle Berry Catwoman next to the Anne Hathaway Catwoman to show you the difference, don´t get me wrong I think Halle Berry looks good but she´s just nowhere near Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Do the thigh high boots make the difference? Well that would be too much honour, but I do think it´s part of what makes that outfit look better! If you don´t believe me then feel free to watch both movies and see for yourself!

woensdag 24 juli 2013

An older lover

I think there was a time and a place that it wasn´t uncommon to marry to someone that was older than you, this someone would usually be a man and you would be a woman. There would often be an arranged marriage smell to this union, but if it works then who really cares. These days people marry or get together with people that are of all ages and genders. The barriers that seem to once hold certain people apart now seem to be broken, making sometimes unusual couples.

Probably one of the first things you hear when people talk about a couple, where one of the two is (a lot) older than the other, is that the younger only stays with the older for the money. I´m not saying that this is false, but I doubt this is the truth in every relationship. So what is so special about having an older lover? Well experience can definately bring some nice suprises, for example positions you´re unfamiliar with or just some old school moves. Some also claim that older lovers are more faithful, I don´t know if that true because a cheater is a cheater and it doesn´t mean that a cheater won´t cheat on you when he or she gets older.

If you´re interested in someone that is older than you, then there shouldn´t be a problem to talk about that. See if the other also has feelings for you and then explore those feelings together. It´s nice if you can make it work, have a relationship and all that. But if it doesn´t work, for some reason, then at least you tried. Society might frown upon relationships between two people of different ages, but really this is nothing new and it shouldn´t keep you from being with someone you love.

I´ve had an older lover, she´s 20 years older and as horny as a teenager. We both have an interest in BDSM so that really made things interesting in the bedroom, but also outside the bedroom! Not once did I feel weird to be with a woman that is a lot older than me, because we were in love and you don´t think about age when you´re in love. The sex was great and I never felt like I should take it easy with her, because she could keep up just fine with me and I think she might even be wilder than I could imagine.

zondag 21 juli 2013

Accidental turn on

Have you ever wrestled with a friend and discovered you had an erection or that you got wet? Did you get a hug from that hot nephew or niece and discovered that you´re rock hard or soaking wet? Then my fellow sinner you´ve had an accidental turn on, which isn´t actually a sin but I guess some people might see it that way. It´s not a crime actually to get turned on by someone else, but it might be a bit awkward if it´s a relative or a good friend.

But it doesn´t always have to be a person, it could be a situation or an object even. Getting excited seeing someone eating a banana or suck on a lollipop. Having someone rub against your back in the train when he or she is moving behind you. There isn´t always foul play at work, sometimes these things happen and your body might not always recognize the innocence of it. Which might lead to you getting turned on or a sudden need to pleasure yourself. Either way, it´s awkward when you´re in the company of others that prefer not to see that side of you.

So how do you avoid an accidental turn on? Well since they´re accidental I doubt there is much you can do, but it might help if you pleasure yourself more often. Blow off some steam and the pressure might be less, so you don´t get turned on that quickly. Still for some people it´s only a look or a touch that is enough to get them turned on, in that case it might be better not to leave the house. Though that might make you socially awkward....

Getting turned on isn´t a bad thing, you´re not a villain if you get an erection or if you get wet. Guess what, most people get turned on but it´s not often something you´d talk about with family or friends. If you think it´s inappropriate to get turned on by a certain person or something then you should talk about that with someone you trust, I wouldn´t recommend keeping it all to yourself and suffer the torture every time you see that person. Who knows, maybe that friend feels the same about you and you can be more than friends. Though feeling a hard cock against your body or smelling a wet vagina does make it clear as well, it´s just a bit less subtle!

zaterdag 20 juli 2013

Cyber sex

In this age it´s different to get around it, computers are everywhere and if you want to speak with your friends you´re often required to go online. It´s not much different with finding that special someone or just someone to have sex with. Thanks to the internet the world is at your fingertips, people who live far away can be as close to you as is possible with modern technology. Cyber sex is one of the ways you can get more intimate with someone, without actually touching them. The question is, is this something you´re interested in and if so do you think it leads to something more?

I´ll let you in on a little secret, well I doubt it´s a secret but I´ll tell it anyway. Some people go crazy when they see a woman in latex or leather, it often brings out the idiot in them and they want to get to know you. I say get to know you but to be honest they wish they could get intimate with you, but distance often keeps that from happening so the next thing they´ll ask will be if you want to cyber. This often leads to refusal and so the quest for some cyber sex continues, apparently it´s just too much of a bother to go out and actually meet people.

But is it all so bad? Is cyber sex really just a sad way of getting intimate with someone? I´d say it really depends with whom you´d want to do that. With a stranger might seem exciting but it´s nice if you know at least something about the other before you get into that. For example if the attractive woman you saw in the picture actually is a woman and not just a man pretending to be that woman. But it´s also important that the person you want to cyber with isn´t a creep, someone that says weird things and goes into stalker mode from that moment on. Always choose your partner wisely, just as you´d would with real sex.

Cyber sex isn´t bad, but it could never replace real sex for me. In the movie Demolition man you see Sylvester Stallone having future sex with Sandra Bullock, they both have a helmet on and that projects images into the other persons mind. The weird thing is, while they´re doing that they´re in the same room with eachother and they can see eachother. It´s a nice idea for the future, but when you´re in the same room with someone else isn´t it just better to have real sex?

donderdag 18 juli 2013

Angry sex vs make up sex

Maybe some of you think that it doesn´t matter, sex is sex and it should both be good. But that´s not what I´m after, I´m trying to figure out what is better. In a relationship people often say that make up sex is the best type of sex, I don´t know if they really mean that or if they just say what other people are saying. Angry sex is more violent, I don´t mean that people will bleed and that a vagina gets utterly destroyed in the process but it´s less innocent. So how to choose between these two, what would you prefer?

Let´s first look at angry sex, this might seem like an unhealthy type of sex that could even be considered dangerous to some people. Angry sex isn´t sex with a knife on your throat, that seems more like rape or if done with a willing partner rape play. It´s more like you had a bad day at school or work, the food is horrible and the weather is bad. You have a lot of frustration in you and you need to let it out, but at the same time you´re horny as can be. If your partner feels the same way then you can start having some angry sex, though it doesn´t require both people to feel that way. It´s not for the faint hearted and if you like rainbows and unicorns then this is probably not for you!

Make up sex is exactly what it means, after a fight in a relationship you make up with sex. It´s much more innocent and less intense than angry sex, so for a more vanilla type of relationship this might be more appropriate. It´s not bad sex, absolutely not, but it´s so sweet and innocent that it doesn´t turn me on. Sure I get horny when stimulated properly, but I can´t say that it does it all for me.

It´s not difficult to figure out what I prefer, but I don´t want to talk too badly about make up sex because it definatly has some benefits. It´s just that I prefer angry sex, stretching some poor virgin and make him or her scream so the neighbours can´t sleep. To be honest with you, there is no loser between angry sex and make up sex. Whatever you choose, you´ll still get lucky!

dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Forbidden fruit

If we believe what the bible says then there was this piece of fruit that made us more aware of who we are and what´s going on, also after eating that piece of fruit people started having sex with eachother. So maybe it wasn´t so bad to eat it? Anyway food seems to play a role during sex (for some people), from thinking about to actually eating or using it for pleasure. Some people actually get turned on by food, though I´d rather not think about how that would look.

Your parents probably told you as a child that you shouldn´t play with your food, well it seems that some people do like to play with their food and do naughty things like sticking a banana in their exit hole. Now that might be a bit extreme but some consider that as pleasure, though some people also consider eating a delicious steak as pleasure. But just sticking food in certain places doesn´t mean that´s all to it, some people rub grapes in someones face or put whipped cream on their nipples.

The good thing of food is that it´s not hard to get it and the prices are often reasonable, so instead of getting a dildo you get a banana. The problem with food is that it won´t stay good for long, so it would always be a temporarily thing. Personally I have a problem with using food for pleasure, I mean I like pleasure like everyone else but using food for that seems like a waste. Because when I pleasure myself with a banana I don´t feel like eating it anymore, though some might disagree and still eat it. So imagine that banana to be inside someone else, that doesn´t make it more appealing for me to eat!

What I find interesting about this fetish is that some people seem to be ashamed for it. Even when they know the other also has some kinky fetishes, people with a food fetish still seem to be reserved talking about their food fetish. Which is ridiculous, because who doesn´t like to lick some whipped cream from nipples? If you´re honest and have an understanding partner they´ll be more accepting then you´d think. Though you might have to do something for them as well, but that only seems fair to me!

zondag 14 juli 2013

Living in a cage

This might seem odd to you but in truth a lot of us live in a cage, with our daily habits and automatic behaviour we´ve created a cage in which we feel comfortable and protected. But this isn´t about that, this is about people who really live, or at least spend a lot of time, in a real cage. Is this weird? I guess to some people it seems weird, though I must admit that people who spend a lot of time in a cage are a bit extreme. But it´s nothing new in BDSM, to use a cage to take away someones freedom.

Of course there are easier ways to dominate a sub, it doesn´t always include fancy toys or expensive devices. But for those that wish to invest a bit in their hobby, a cage can be a nice addition to your dungeon. With a cage you take away the freedom of your sub, they become completely dependent and they´re at the mercy of their Dom/Domme. Maybe some Doms/Dommes keep cages as decoration, though personally I´d think that would be shame not to use it.

It goes without saying that a cage isn´t for everyone, being in a confined space isn´t something everyone can handle and pushing someone in such a situation can lead to a panic. So make certain that you know what you´re doing before you get in the cage, also as a Dom/Domme don´t force your sub into something that will cause him or her to panic. You might think it´s funny, but if it were you in that situation it would probably be less funny for you.

Some people say that living in a cage changes you. If you´re talking about the hour you spend in it on a daily basis then I can´t take you seriously. But for those that are committed to staying in the cage for months, then I´d say that you might be right. I would like to add to this that it´s not healthy and I wouldn´t recommend it to anyone. Still if you feel like it and you have a Dom/Domme that you trust, then go for it!

vrijdag 12 juli 2013

The monster within

It´s nothing new for me to hear that I´m a freak, a monster that has no heart or emotions. To be honest with you, I laugh at these comments because I couldn´t care less what others think of me. I know that BDSM isn´t for everyone, I wouldn´t force anyone to like BDSM if they want nothing to do with it. But the thing is, people come to see me and they want to be dominated. Somehow I´m the monster in this, often these people that wish to be dominated are the same ones that scream how wrong it is. I guess we all have to keep our appearances up, a world full of lies and yet in darkness we find the truth.

But let´s analyze it, are we freaks for loving BDSM? Is there something wrong with us? I don´t know, I know what I like and what I want. I´d say that puts me ahead of a lot of other people who seem to be lost somewhere in the middle, they don´t know what they want and they seem to like something else every day. Is it so bad to like BDSM? People make it look and sound as if you´re a monster, but those that judge others and consider themselves better than others are the real monsters. Some even claim to speak in the name of God and yet all they preach is hatred towards anyone or anything that is different then they are.

Some people feel ashamed that they´re turned on by latex or leather, as if it´s wrong to have a fetish. Let me tell you a little secret, we all have our own fetish or more than one. Just because someone doesn´t share your fetish doesn´t mean that this person is weird, though some fetishes might be a bit less ordinary. Still you can´t say that someone is a monster just for liking something else, even if you can´t understand it you could still respect his or her opinion. Though that seems to be difficult for a lot of people.

I´m a sadist, but does that make me truly evil? Well I can say with an honest heart that I don´t steal candy from a baby, so I´m not evil like mister Burns! But I do like to dominate, so that means I´ll use people as furniture or spank them when it suits me. It´s no suprise that many of my subs almost beg me to be spanked, so maybe I´m not the monster some people claim me to be. People seem to fear things they don´t understand, but there is nothing to fear when it comes to BDSM. An open mind and some curiosity can get you far. So don´t be afraid to explore, don´t be afraid what others might think of you. There will always be people that have a different opinion then you, who can´t accept you for who you are. So why waste time to please them? Make your own luck, you don´t need the opinions of others for that!

woensdag 10 juli 2013

Sex machines

Now before you´re thinking about a man or a woman that has sex for hours, I´ll let you know what it is I´m talking about. A sex machine is an automated tool that you can have sex with and/or helps you get an orgasm. They come in all kinds of sizes, from something you can hold in your hand to a whole device that you can get in or on. The question I have, is this the future for having sex?

I´ve seen movies like A.I. where you have sex bots, of course thanks to the actors they look good but how realistic is that? Besides do you really want to have sex with a robot? To me it feels unnatural and it´s not something I´d be interested in. But I´ve heard positive opinions when it´s about that, though I suspect most of these opinions are based on ideas that come from movies or comics. I don´t think we´ll see anything like that in our life time, the robots we see now are far from attractive sex machines and more like a practical way of getting it over with. Maybe I´m wrong, maybe it´s the best sex you can ever have, but the question remains is this the future for having sex?

These days cyber sex is nothing new, but it still involves two people. Gender and age might vary, more often than you think, but at least it´s not like you´re having sex with a piece of metal. I´m not a big fan of this either, but for some this is the closest they´ll get to having sex. Though I doubt that is always true, often if people have a bit more confidence in themselves then they can get further then they know. But it´s probably safer behind a screen, pretending to be someone you´re not.

Then you have these virtual worlds where you can make your own character, then that character can interact with other characters controlled by other people. Second Life is such a virtual world, having sex with other people in that virtual world is nothing new and there are actually whole areas where you can get your freak on. I´m not unfamiliar with Second Life but it has lost it´s charm on me years ago, at first it´s exciting and fun to discover this new world but after some time you meet the same type of people and you realize that they´re not so different online as they are offline. Oh sure some might have more to say, but in truth a pervert will always be a pervert!

So no matter what the future brings, right now I´m happy with having sex with other people. I´m certain the machines can wait a century or two!

maandag 8 juli 2013

Blood fetish

You might not believe it but there are a lot of people who have a blood fetish, but most of these people won´t openly admit it because it´s not something that´s tolerated by everyone. Some think a blood fetish is just a pathetic attempt to be a vampire, though I doubt that is true. A fetish doesn´t just mean that you like it, it means that you get turned on by it. Maybe you like to suck blood, you want to smear it on your body or keep it in a bottle. Some carry blood in a tube around their neck, some find this weird and yet others don´t seem to be bothered by it.

We all have blood in our body, so it´s not difficult to find. The problem is talking about it with your partner, it´s not the easiest question to ask if you can cut them and suck on their blood or smear it over your body. It´s no suprise that this will scare off most people or at least freak them out. But for those that walk a less innocent path, who aren´t afraid to visit a darker path, might just find a fetish that makes their wildest dreams come true. Though I wouldn´t put too much fantasy in it, it´s a dangerous fetish and you should know your limits because you don´t accidently want to drain someone. It´s not like you can put it back and they´ll be perfectly fine....

With all the vampire movies and series on tv it´s easy to make the connection that someone with a blood fetish is a vampire lover. Well that´s not always the case, though it´s safe to say that in most cases people with a blood fetish aren´t a stranger to vampires. Still this doesn´t mean that they bite you, often a small knife is used to make a clean cut. From this cut they get some blood and then stitch it up. At least if you´re dealing with someone that knows what he or she is doing. I guess you could try to bite, which doesn´t have to be brutally bloody. But it often leaves a nasty mark and depending where you´ve been bitten, it may raise some questions with your family and friends.

I know that this fetish isn´t for everyone, hell I doubt most people wouldn´t even think of trying it. But it´s kinky and dangerous, something that gets me excited and once you´ve tried it there is always a thirst for more! Just remember, be smart and play it safe or don´t play at all!!!!

zaterdag 6 juli 2013

Love between a Dom/Domme and a sub

Sometimes when you´re with someone things are nice, so nice even that you don´t wish to be apart from that person. When this person is your sub then it´s obvious that you ask yourself if you could be more than what you are at that moment. Perhaps a relationship is too much for some people, they like to be free and do what they like, but when you have such a good connection with someone isn´t there a chance that you might want to at least try to see where it goes?

It can be tricky, confessing to a sub that you have feelings for him or her. Don´t always expect a sub to be happy about it, because some subs aren´t looking for a relationship and consider the D/s relationship as strictly professional. But it´s not all bad, some subs would love to be in a relationship with their Dom/Domme. It´s not that different from a vanilla relationship, because in the end it all comes down to three things: love, trust and honesty.

When a sub falls in love with his or her Dom/Domme, which happens more often than you would think, then it might be difficult for the sub to confess. Mostly out of fear that it will break the D/s relationship, so some would prefer to keep their feelings a secret and pretend everything is ok. Now I´m not saying that every Dom/Domme would be happy with a sub falling for him or her, but you never know unless you speak your mind. If a Dom/Domme drops you as a sub just because you confessed your feelings to him or her, then that Dom/Domme is not worth your time!

When you have feelings for the other then pay attention during a session, are there signs that the other might be interested in you? It might be difficult to notice when you´re on your hands and knees and get spanked, but when someone has feelings for you they often show it with big or small signs. Not every always confesses just like that, sometimes you´ll have to work for an honest answer. But remember this, love comes to all types of people and Doms/Dommes are no exception!

donderdag 4 juli 2013

Naming yourself and/or your sub

It seems easy, just pick a name and put Master or Mistress in front of it. But is it really that easy? I mean you want to have a name that suits you, that says something about you and maybe even defines you. Master Spike and Mistress Poison are names that say something about you, though they´re not that original. But these days it´s difficult to come up with something others haven´t used already, so I guess being original isn´t something you shouldn´t go for in the first place.

Still it doesn´t have to be complicated, naming yourself Master Dan or Mistress Mary is quite alright, to use your own name isn´t a bad thing. Though some might frown upon your lack of creativity, still I doubt anyone would give you a hard time for that. It´s the same for a sub, using your own name is quite alright. But if you want to fit better with your Dom/Domme, then it´s not a bad idea to change it into something that fits with his or her name. For example Master Heaven could have a sub called Cloud or Mistress Hell could have a sub called Ash. It´s not unusual for a Dom/Domme to name his or her sub, I´ve done it more than once and I actually find it fun to do.

But sometimes names must be earned, a sub might need to prove himself or herself before earning the title that his or her Dom/Domme has chosen for him or her. Though the same can be said about a Dom/Domme, I doubt someone would get a lot of respect from others when they pick a name that doesn´t fit with that person or that just sounds incredibly silly. For example Master Pancake or Mistress Pie will probably not be taken seriously at first. Though it´s easy to judge people, just because their name seems silly doesn´t mean they´re not serious about what they do.

As some of you probably know, Minerva is a goddess in Roman mythology. So my name isn´t original, though it fits with me because I can identify myself in the description of the goddess. Also I was named Minerva from a young age by my parents, I guess it kind of stuck and I like it. I´m quite certain there are other Dommes out there with the name Minerva, like I said before I didn´t chose this name for originality. It´s something that fits with me, something that I like and something I can recognize myself in. Pick your name well, it might stick with you for a long time....

dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Discriminated Doms/Dommes

It wouldn´t be the first time that I´ve heard about a Dom/Domme being bullied just for being who he or she is, what could lead to that person moving away. Suprisingly it´s often the more religious people that seem so hostile towards people who have a love for BDSM. It´s strange that people who are supposed to love their neightbour as much as themself act in such a way against another human being. Unless they consider themselves better than someone who likes BDSM, I guess that could be a possibility but it wouldn´t justify the things they´ve said or the things they´ve done.

Perhaps it´s not smart to live in a community where your love of BDSM isn´t tolerated, but then again you have every right to be involved in BDSM. Others shouldn´t judge or hate you for what you like. But it´s easy to condemn someone for something you don´t understand nor wish to understand. Still it´s not one group that is guilty of this negative behaviour against BDSM lovers, there is almost a deep disgust in some peoples hearts against all that is different then the things they like or they think is right.

Unfortunately that´s not all of the discrimination, some Doms/Dommes or subs are refused because of their skin colour. A white sub that doesn´t want to be dominated by a black Dom/Domme or a black sub that doesn´t want to have a white Dom/Domme. Does it really matter what skin colour you have? BDSM isn´t about skin colour, sure you can roleplay but there isn´t any room for judgement or small minded pricks. People who think limited will never do great things!

It´s actually stupid that some people within the BDSM community would discriminate. There is already more than enough judgement outside the community, do we really need that kind of behaviour and judgement inside the community? I understand if you have a preference, but to refuse someone purely based on the way they look is just wrong. But I shouldn´t even have to mention this, this is something everyone should already know....