zaterdag 28 september 2013

Black lipstick fantasy

I´ve noticed that a lot of people seem to have a thing for black lipstick, maybe because it´s not something a lot of women use or maybe because it just looks good. Often I get messages about people who love my black lipstick, it´s sexy and they wish I would suck them off. Unfortunately for these people I don´t consider sucking a stranger off as a fantasy of mine, so good luck with that people! But it´s interesting how people seem to like black lipstick and not always the goth look. Of course you don´t need black lipstick to have a goth look but often people seem to identify goths with black lipstick, personally it doesn´t bother me if they do but it´s a shame if that how a lot of people seem to recognize goths. Anyway black lipstick is considered as sexy by a lot of people, but what is so sexy about it?

Black is sexy! That´s a simple answer but I really think it looks good on almost everyone. Which is quite suprising that you don´t see a lot of people in black, which makes perfect sense when it´s hot outside but what about black lipstick? It looks good and if you´re looking for attention then you´ll definately get it, but you should really wear it because you like it. Never wear something because someone makes you, because I´ve had a girlfriend that tried to please me by wearing black lipstick but in truth she didn´t like it at all. Of course I value it if someone does something nice for me, but it shouldn´t be at the cost of your own happiness!

So why is black lipstick not that popular? It´s difficult to say but it has probably something to do because it´s identified with goths and when you don´t want to be seen as a goth then you´ll probably don´t want to wear it. Just remember that black lipstick doesn´t make you a goth, if you like it then you can just wear it. But don´t be suprised if people stare at you, it´s not that common and especially when you´re a man it´s considered to be weird to wear lipstick at all. But just between you and me, black lipstick looks sexy on everyone. Both men and women!

maandag 16 september 2013

Everything or nothing

Something that really bothers me is that people these days want everything or nothing, there is no gray area. When you show pictures then it has to be nude, when you meet someone then there has to be sex. Of course this doesn´t count for everyone but I seem to notice that this seems to count for more and more people. Some people are actually skipping the introductions, they don´t really have questions for you but just want to know if you have Skype or anything like that. What happened to hi how are you doing? My name is.... Maybe that´s old fashioned and I´m a relic from the past, but I care for manners and polite interactions with eachother. If it´s all about just eating, sleeping and sex then what´s the point of it all?

I want to make one thing clear, this isn´t just about men sending women annoying messages. I´m well aware that women are in some cases just as much to blame, when they´re just looking for sex. It´s not a bad thing is it? Well it´s not, but when that´s all you´re getting then I´m not that happy about it. Not on any of my profiles is there a message that says come respond to me and we can have a quick shag. And yet that´s all I seem to be getting lately, well longer than that actually but it´s one of those moments that this is all I´m good for apparently. Sex is nice but it should never be the first thing you talk about in a message to a stranger online or someone you meet somewhere else. I know that people feel safe behind their screens and think that they can do and say whatever they want, in a way they actually can. But will it ever lead to succes? I wouldn´t count on it!

Just think of how you would respond to someone you´re attracted to in real life and when you´re interested in someone online, the rules don´t change and so the behavioiur shouldn´t change either. But we´ve all gotten so brave, we´ve all fallen so far from anything that was right. I won´t deny that online flirting is fun, but when you´re just asking to turn on your webcam and finger yourself then it´s just stupid. Apparently you´re stupid and lame if you don´t show your breasts or vagina online, because we all seem to have a right to see it. Do we? Do we really have a right to see everything? As far as I know your body is yours and you deside what you do with it! So what about subs? They let you do stuff right? Indeed, with certain rules in mind I do things that some might find questionable but it´s with agreement and not because I´m just a sadistic bitch!

So what´s the difference, where can you draw the line? Just stop asking for someone Skype or whatever you want to use to communicate in the first message, such private information must be earned and even after talking for weeks some might not give it to you. Sometimes people are just not that interested in you, it happens so deal with it! Just because you live in the same town doesn´t mean that you have to meet, so never make such a suggestion in your first message. Get to know someone, take some effort in listening and ask some questions that are related to what the person was talking about. It´s not difficult to be social, it´s not impossible to learn. Some might think there is a quick way to get lucky, I won´t disagree but you´ll often have to pay for that luck! If you´re ok with that then go for it, just don´t expect women you meet online to do the same. To all women that might read this, remember that you don´t need to do anything you don´t want to! Even as a sub you have choices, you don´t have to do something you really don´t want to. Especially not to some douchebag online who thinks he owns you! You can show pictures you´re comfortable with, if you don´t want to put nude pictures then don´t do it. Remember you decide what you do with your body, not someone else!

vrijdag 6 september 2013


I think we all have a moment in our life that we have a desire for someone or something, maybe some people have more than one or multiple at the same time. It would really depend on the person having the desire what type of desire it would be and if he or she would have more than one. I don´t think having a desire for someone or something is a bad thing, as long as you play by the rules. Because nobody wants unwanted attention, just remember that you know when to back off and move on. It sucks if someone doesn´t share your feelings, but that´s part of life and you´ll just have to move on. I guess romantic movies will give you some type of hope that opposites attract and in some cases that might be so. But as much as you might want it to, your life is not a movie and there isn´t always a happy ending. This might be cold and harsh, but that´s how it is and whining about it won´t change anything!

A lot of people will probably have a fantasy of some sort, maybe an attractive woman in latex or a man dipped in chocolate. There is nothing wrong for wanting that, but never force such a fantasy on someone. I´ve had a girlfriend that didn´t like latex or leather, I never forced her to wear anything she didn´t want to. Being in a relationship means you give and you take, but it doesn´t mean you force and you take. It´s of course nice if your partner shares your fantasy or has no objections to make that fantasy come true. Unfortunately this doesn´t count for everyone and it sucks if the person you love has no interest in your fantasies. I guess you can talk about it and maybe make a deal, she does something for you and you do something for her. But it´s tricky, sometimes your fantasy can scare someone away and that fear can keep you from telling something you really want. I think when you´re in a relationship and you really love someone and the other really loves you then you should be able to talk about anything. But just to be safe, certain things are probably better left out. If you want to be a human toilet then I don´t think your partner would like that, so it´s not a stupid idea to think before you say something. I´m not a big fan of keeping secrets when I´m in a relationship, but I think when it comes to something extreme you might feel more tempted to keep certain things a secret unless you´re absolutely certain that he or she wouldn´t mind.

But getting back to when someone doesn´t see you as you see them, an unanswered love. I would recommend not giving up too soon, if you really love someone and the other shows a little bit of interest then you can do your best to win them over. Write poems, sing a song (if you´re a good singer, nobody wants to hear how a cat gets strangled!), organize something special for that person or just be yourself and spend some good quality time together. It sucks when you´re in the friend zone, when they can´t see you as more than just a friend. Maybe it´s even worse when you´re a very good friend but still nothing more. That´s frustrating but it happens and there is nothing you can do about it. Because being persistent and bothering that person with your affections might not help you advance with your plans. Perhaps being that good friend might actually help you get closer, don´t be too disappointed if that´s what you are to them. Show that person who you are and what you can be for him or her!

So desires, what to do with them? Well you could other people about them and maybe find someone with a similar interest. Of course you probably should be careful where you would put such information. But probably most of the time you´re here on Earth you´ll be keeping desires to yourself, because it´s not easy to confess them to others and even when you do then it´s not always easy finding someone that would be interested in that. But never say never, we´re not that unique that we don´t share similiar interests. About twenty years ago I thought I was the only one that got turned on by latex, well that turned out to be more popular then I first thought. Life is full of suprises, so never be afraid to tell someone what´s on your mind. But I would suggest to think before you speak, you don´t want to spill your deepest and darkest desires to someone who has absolutely no interest in them!