zaterdag 18 januari 2014

When pain turns you on

I´ve heard from several people how much they like pain, but half of the time I have my doubts about that. Not just the way they say it, but also their motivations of why they consider it a turn on. But why would someone lie about that? I don´t think it´s something you say to impress people or attract people to you. I think that for a lot of people the idea seems like fun or maybe even exciting, but some of these people put themselves in an uncomfortable situation because they misjudged it. This leads to embarrassing moments, because if you´re going to cry like a baby because you got a booboo then don´t  be suprised if people will make fun of you. In BDSM there is something you should keep in mind, don´t pretend to be someone you´re not! But I´d say this counts for most things in your life.

So why are some people pretending to be turned on by pain? I think sometimes it´s because they´ve got an attraction for a Dom/Domme and think that by lying they could get closer to someone. Let me tell you a little secret, you don´t have to be into BDSM to be in a relationship with a Dom/Domme because having a vanilla partner isn´t against any rules. Of course it wouldn´t hurt your chances if you´re into BDSM, still it would be foolish to pretend to be into that and put yourself in a situation you don´t want to be in. If you´re curious and want to try it out then that´s quite alright, just take it easy and don´t let some wannabe Dom/Domme beat the crap out of you. We all have to learn at one point but that doesn´t mean that you should just throw yourself at the first person that´s willing to have you.

What does it mean to get turned on by pain? It means that pain makes your dick hard, your vagina wet and it stimulates your orgasm. But it doesn´t have to be the same as the rest, because we´re all different and it doesn´t have to be exactly like someone else. Some people get turned on when they feel a whip or cane on their buttocks, but then there are also people that get turned on when someone bites them. Is it weird to be turned on by pain? Some people will say yes and others will say no, I say that when it feels good to you then it´s quite alright. It´s weird when you deny yourself of something you like or when you pretend that you like something that you actually don´t like.

dinsdag 14 januari 2014

A boot fetish is the ultimate fetish?

I love boots, I think people look sexy in boots and I love it when people start wearing boots again after a long Summer. But what makes a boot fetish the ultimate fetish? First of all it´s simple, it´s not something complicated or very expensive (unfortunately some boots can be quite expensive). You see someone with boots on, you find it a turn on that someone wears boots, you admire the person wearing boots and before you know it you´re on your knees licking and kissing the boots. Well that´s a very simple way of a boot fetish fantasy. But I think there is more to it, it´s not just boots that are sexy but also the person wearing them. Does the outfit match with the boots and what type of boots do you find sexy? I´ve heard several people that like boots to be as long as possible, which often leads to thigh high boots and crotch boots. But you also have lovers of knee boots and ankle boots. Then there is the type of material. For example do you like leather boots, shiny boots, suede boots or rubber boots? Another factor that can be important is the condition of the boots, are they brand new or completely worn out? Some even find the smell of sweat in the boots a big turn on.

Is someone with a boot fetish weird? If you consider that weird then you´ve clearly haven´t heard of certain other fetishes, the most important thing is that you don´t judge others for their fetish as yours might be just as weird if not even more weird. Of course we all behave as civilized people and pretend we´re normal, but in reality we´re into some weird things and some of these things can be a big turn on. Does that make us weird? Maybe, but it´s not nice to tell people that they´re weird just because their fetish seems strange to you. But I have to agree that sweaty boots aren´t really my thing either, but some nice shiny boots do make me want to bite someone!

Sex in boots is the best type of sex? Well I can´t say I´ve had all types of sex, I doubt anyone has, but sex in boots can be a real turn on. Especially when you have a boot fetish and it will make a guy rock hard and a woman wet, inviting boots into your sex life might seem weird and yet it might give you that extra spark you´re looking for. Wether it´s under the sheets, in a business office or in the stables. Boots come in so many different styles and types that there is probably a pair for everyone. Wearing something that drives your partner wild is a good way to have incredible sex, but that doesn´t mean that you can sit back and relax. Boots are sexy but that doesn´t mean you don´t have to do anything!

zondag 12 januari 2014

Vampires will never hurt you!

Do you have thing for vampires? Maybe it´s thanks to those lovable Twilight movies, but then you also have the more old fashioned burn in the sun type of vampire lovers. Vampires aren´t as popular as they were, but I think a lot of people still have a thing for that and I´m certain a lot of teenage girls still have a dreamy picture of that Twilight guy (I just can´t be bothered to remember the name of that twat). Whatever it is you like, there are all types of vampires out there and so many that might work with your fantasy. But the trick is to find the vampire for you!

Modern vampire vs old fashioned vampire, which is better? I´d say that´s a matter of opinion but I think a lot of people might agree that the classic vampire (to give it a name) is more interesting, the whole sparkle thing doesn´t work for me and I find it actually quite disturbing. It´s like a Disney movie but even worse, oh wait I´m trashing that Twilight movie again huh? I don´t think there is a better version, it´s just a matter of opinion and it doesn´t really matter. If you can find someone else with the same interest as you then it doesn´t matter what the rest of the world thinks!

Vampire roleplay means biting right? Yes that means biting, but I think you´ll be done quickly if that´s all you´re going to do. I think biting is a personal thing and also something you share with someone you trust. I think a vampire wouldn´t just bite anyone, it´s something personal with someone he or she cares about. Of course when a vampire is hungry then things might actually change, I couldn´t say for certain as I´m not a vampire expert. But I´ve had my fair share of vampire roleplay, both with real blood and the more dull with with red wine. As much fun as you might have with that, remember that it´s important that you´re careful. But I think that counts for most kinky things, it´s nice to have fun but always be careful!

Last but not least, do vampires really exist? Who am I to say that they don´t exist, I think there is more going on than we can see and vampires might play a role in that. What I do know is that most people that scream online that they´re a vampire are usually full of crap, so don´t listen to some idiot who claims to be something he or she is not! People that look for real vampires shouldn´t post that online, if a vampire knows that you´re looking for him or her then he or she will find you.

zaterdag 4 januari 2014

Is biting a way of teasing or an invitation for sex?

I know that biting isn´t something you do on a first date, some people might never do it at all. But for some people biting is something special. Some people might think that it´s a bad thing but actually in a relationship it´s not, at least under normal circumstances. If someone attacks you then biting might be a bad thing, still that doesn´t mean that you can´t enjoy it....

Biting can be a mystery to some people, because it´s not always easy for some people to do it. The fear of a negative reaction is sometimes scary, which is understandable because not everyone does it or likes it. The last thing you want is to send a wrong message to the one you want to be with, especially when you´re in the middle of playing with eachother. So how do you know when to bite and when not to bite? I´d say that the best way to find out is just to try it, of course that doesn´t mean that you bite very hard. Just a little nibble at first and maybe you can increase the number of nibbles over time and also bite a little bit harder. Your partner will pick this up, maybe some people are a bit reluctant what to say about it but in a way that´s also an answer. If you bite someone else and the other completely ignores it, then it´s safe to say that he or she isn´t into that. He or she might let you bite him or her, but I don´t think it´s an invitation to do it all the time. Unlike some things I don´t think you need to have a whole conversation with your partner if you can bite him or her, because sometimes it´s nice to be spontanious. If you discuss everything you´re going to do before you do it, then what´s the point of doing it?

Is a bite a way of teasing or an invitation for sex? That would really depend, because if you´re just fooling around then it can just be a way of teasing. Just remember that if you bite someone that is really into biting that a bite can turn into much more than just teasing. I´ve had some experience with that myself when a girl was very turned on if I bit her, which meant diving on top of me and some rough sex. Which is a good thing, don´t get me wrong, but if you´re not into sex then be careful if you decide to bite someone. You don´t want to be in a spot where you have to turn someone down when you started something, it´s lame for you and for the other! But I doubt it´s a bit problem, I think most couples know what the other likes and also what they need to do to turn the other on. I don´t think everyone will take advantage of that or at least you would expect someone not to do that. Once again it really depends what type of person you are and what type of relationship you have.

Biting means vampire stuff, right? No not at all, it can just be a way of expressing yourself. But it´s true that some people who identifiy themself as a vampire will most likely introduce biting into their love life. So anyone who isn´t into biting might want to keep that in mind, but it doesn´t mean that everyone that is into vampires likes biting. Just remember two things. Don´t bite to hard when you bite someone for the first time, even when they say that you can you don´t want to mess it up. Also don´t bite so hard that you actually make someone bleed, some people might be into that but I´d say you have a big chance that your partner isn´t into that. Keep it safe and keep it simple, that´s a good way to introduce biting into your play time.