donderdag 30 mei 2013

Latex adventures

So yesterday I had the brilliant idea to go on a latex adventure. You might wonder what a latex adventure is, so let me first explain what I mean with that. A latex adventure is when I wear latex and go out, I don´t really have any plans but I just try to have a good time. Though I´ll probably stay away from the woods or the mountains, not that there are any mountains around here but that´s not the point. Whenever I go on a latex adventure it´s bound to have some interesting moments, like when you meet interesting people or find yourself in situations where you probably wouldn´t be without the latex.

But how does it work? Well it´s simple really, if you have a latex outfit (for example a catsuit, top and pants) then the adventure is ready to begin. For those with less money to spend, pvc is a cheaper alternative and looks almost just as shiny. The most important part will be some courage, it´s not easy to go out in the big bad world looking sexy as hell. There is no guarantee if people will be positive or negative, but remember that you go on this adventure for yourself and not for others!

Getting back to the beginning of my story, I went on a latex adventure yesterday. The temperature was quite comfortable, not too warm and not too cold. You don´t want to go on a latex adventure when it´s too hot, sweating doesn´t look as sexy as you might think and I don´t even want to mention the smell. It´s easy to get people to stare at you, I guess it´s not an every day sight to see someone walk around in latex. The sun made the latex shine a lot so I think some of the people that were looking might even got blinded by the reflection. My black latex catsuit felt good and it was actually quite comfortable walking around. I heard people talking but no one actually dared to approach me, not that I´m looking for attention but it´s a shame when people talk about you but are too shy to say it to your face.

But then suddenly out of nowhere it started to rain, so I quickly went into a shop to seek shelter from the rain. The people in the shop all stared at my latex catsuit that was now a bit wet, I gave a warm smile and half of the group of people that were looking turned around when they noticed I saw them looking. I asked the owner if he had a towel so I could get dry, because no matter how sexy a wet catsuit looks I prefer to keep it dry most of the time. The man hesitated for a moment but did give me a lovely white towel. When I was done I gave the towel back and winked at the owner as a little thank you, a suprising smile appeared on his face.

When the rain was passing after about 5 minutes I quickly went outside back to my house, not that I didn´t want to continue my adventure but I didn´t feel like being the wet dominant on the street. Still I´m happy I went on my adventure, it wasn´t a big adventure and not that much has happened but it´s still fun to go out and just be yourself!!!!

dinsdag 28 mei 2013

Know your limits

It seems simple enough, everyone has his or her limits and why would you go past a limit? Well during a session it´s easy to get past a limit, without a safeword it could be bad for the receiving sub. It´s true that some people can take a lot of pain, but no one is limitless. Maybe some would like to think so, but those who do think like that clearly have never pushed themselves that far.

Especially for a first timer it´s better to take it easy than to try and impress someone. No one will think badly of you if you take it easy, it´s not a competition and there is no reward for someone for those that take more pain than others. I´ve seen people start an innocent roleplay and it ended in blood and tears. Maybe that´s your thing, maybe your partner doesn´t mind help you fulfil this fantasy but safety should always come first.

Maybe that sounds strange coming from a dominatrix, safety comes first. Well just because I dominate, humiliate and spank people doesn´t mean that I want them to get seriously hurt. It´s a game and games are supposed to be fun! Going with a sub to the hospital in the middle of the night isn´t fun, you might think it is but it definately isn´t!!!!

If you want to try something new, always mention this before you do anything. It might seem funny but when you´re dealing with someones life and health, then it´s not like you can suddenly decide to do something dangerous. Just think about it, do you want to get a plastic bag over your head without the other telling you in advance? Breathplay is a dangerous game and it´s definately not for beginners!

Now I´m not the teacher here to tell you what you can and can´t do, I´m just telling you what seems to be the smart thing to do. In the end you just want to have fun with your partner(s), right? So have fun, but be smart and stay safe!

zondag 26 mei 2013

The power of leather

Yesterday I was freezing in my house, instead of going somewhere warm I put some leather clothes on. I could feel the cold pressing against my body but it couldn´t penetrate my leather ´armor´. I wasn´t even shivering in my clothes, I felt pretty good and the leather gave me a comfortable temperature. I didn´t have to turn on the heat in my house, I actually saved some money there which is a nice bonus. Though that might not be the main reason why you would wear leather, but it´s still nice to know that there are benefits next to looking good.

This disappointing Spring weather has caused me more than one cold evening and night, so yesterday I was just sick and tired of trying to stay warm. I´m not the type that crawls under a blanket or goes to bed early to stay warm. I decided to put on my leather pants, top, gloves, trenchcoat and my torture boots (also made of leather). Suddenly the cold couldn´t harm me, the biting feeling on my skin was gone and I stayed up all night enjoying the comfort of leather.

I think I haven´t always been that appreciative towards leather, latex has gotten my favour most of the time but this time it was definately leather that saved the day for me. Latex might feel and look better, it´s leather that keeps you warm on even one of the coldest nights. Of course having someone with you to share body heat will help as well, but if you find yourself alone on such a cold and lonely night then you know what you can do to keep yourself warm.

I don´t think that leather ever felt that good to me, sure I´ve rubbed myself against leather and I´ve licked it but this felt just as good if not better. So what is your best friend on a cold and lonely night? Right a rubber cock, though a leather outfit to keep yourself warm is nice as well!!!!

vrijdag 24 mei 2013

Reality vs Fantasy

Do you ever look at the picture of an attractive person and fantasize about him or her? There is nothing wrong with that, but as long as you keep fantasy and reality separated it shouldn´t be a problem. It´s usually when someone becomes obsessed with the picture and expects you to be like that all the time. Sure some pictures bring out the best in you, like in that latex catsuit you look divine but that doesn´t mean you look like that all the time. Sometimes I get subs that seem to be disappointed that I´m not the super hot babe they thought I would be, as if it´s forbidden to have a bad hair day or walk around without make-up.

Some also expect you also to wear on high heels and strapped in leather, but that doesn´t make you a dominatrix. Some of the clothes and tools of the trade might help you with your work as a dominatrix, but often you wear and use that because you want to and not because you have to. I´ve met women that never wear latex or letaher and hardly use any whips to dominate their subs. Still the fantasy gives some people the illusion that it is needed, that a dominatrix is like that. Which is a shame but it´s difficult to avoid, especially for those that seem to have that idea branded in their minds.

A dominatrix is a human just like you, we go to the bathroom and we don´t look that special in the morning. If this disturbs your image then maybe a human dominatrix isn´t for you and you should stick to the imaginary ones you see in your dreams. Of course it´s nice if someone worships you and a sub should worship his or her master or mistress. Just keep in mind that they´re humans, so they do the same basic things you do as well. You´d think that this is nothing new, but plenty of subs seem to be shocked that the person they thought to be a goddess turns out to be human just like him or her.

Fantasy is nice, I love fantasy and it gives a creative mind something to do. Just don´t remember to come back to reality, don´t get yourself lost in fantasy because no good comes from that. Hold a fantasy close to your heart but don´t expect it to ever become reality, unless your fantasy is a bit realistic. It´s difficult to judge that without knowing what it is, but just remember that a dominant is a person just like you.....well maybe a more twisted and sadistic person that you. And for every Dom/Domme, know your limits!!!!

woensdag 22 mei 2013

Pain or pleasure?

It might suprise you but some people often talk about the same thing when it´s about pain and pleasure, now I don´t mean that everything that hurts is automaticly pleasure to them but when done correctly it can definately stimulate positive reactions from the other. So why is it so frowned upon when you talk about spanking your husband or wife? It´s not like you´re beating the living hell out of someone, but it can be rough for some people. Especially for virgin butt cheeks, so if you can´t stand pain then spanking isn´t for you.

For those that are interested but a bit afraid to try it, you could start with spanking yourself. You know how much you can take so it shouldn´t be too dangerous, just slap yourself on your butt cheeks and see how far you can go. If you feel confident enough you could use a ruler or (if you have one) a whip. A riding whip is excellent for beginners, if you don´t hit yourself too hard you should be ok. Even if you go for more force in your hits then it shouldn´t be causing a lot of damage, they´re not designed for that.

The next step would be to include someone else in your spanking, if it helps making it feel less awkward you can take turns but if it´s really just about you getting used to it then there isn´t much need to spank the other. Things are only as awkward as you make them, in other words it´s probably best not to think too much about it and just have fun with your partner. If you don´t have a partner then it might be tricky to find someone, because asking someone if they enjoy spanking isn´t really material you ask on a first date nor on a second or third date for that matter. But you can talk about having a kinky side, also don´t be too quick with this by saying you don´t mind being tied up and beaten with a stick because that might be a bit too much too fast. Seems obvious but you´d be suprised with the messages I get or the stories I´ve heard from other women.

Then if you´re ready for the real work, then remember to have a safeword before you begin. That will stop the spanking, as you agreed with your partner before you begun. Trust is also a must in this situation, do you trust the other person who you include in your spanking? Between a Dom/Domme and a sub should always be trust, if you don´t trust the other then it will be a lot harder to let him or her spank you. Last but not least, try to let go of your worries and have fun. You might want to brace yourself for impact but sometimes you just got to enjoy a good spanking.

Have fun!!!!

zondag 19 mei 2013

Holy ravioli, what to wear?

For those that don´t know, it´s Pentecost weekend so what does that mean? Well for some it means a free day but also means showing off that nice figure you´ve been working on since the first day of the new year. At least if you´ve been keeping yourself to your promise, if not then there are also nice outfits that cover that extra weight up. So what to wear this weekend?

If you want to be a good Christian, you´ll probably put some formal clothes on. As a guy that would be a suit or some smart casual clothes. As a woman you´ll be expected to be in a dress, trying not to show off too much skin. Hm is that a prejudice? Well I doubt every good believer is like that, you´re not bound to what others think you´ll wear. But I bet there are some ´good´ people out there that might just do exactly that.

But if you feel more like me, then you´ll probably be a bit less casual and a bit more kinky. Get those leather clothes out of the closet and strap on some buckled boots to put some character around your feet. Is it too warm for leather? Well a mini skirt looks good on some nice shaved legs and if you can tolerate it with the warmth you could put on some nice (thigh high) boots. When people want to worship the ground you walk on then you know you´re doing something right.

Of course you could always go for some latex, what better way to show you´ve been touched by the holy ghost then wearing a shiny hot outfit. It can´t be hot enough, though be careful if it´s warm because you don´t want to faint in a latex outfit. It might seem sexy being dirty but there are limits to getting dirty, filthy is not the right type of dirty.

Whatever your plans are for this weekend, I just hope there is some rubber involved. As you can see I´m enjoying my rubber as always!!!!

vrijdag 17 mei 2013

The new you?

I´d like to go further into the fictional character topic, because I´ve been wondering about something. Some games give you an option to customize the main character or even multiple other characters, which is usually for personal amusement but some actually put a lot of work into that. What is interesting that a lot of male players like to play as a female, the reason for that is usually a bit vague. The first excuse they usually give is that they prefer to look at the ass of a woman than one of a man, but seriously that´s just a cheap answer. Is it  perhaps because they like to be a woman? Even if it´s just in a game. Now don´t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with that. If men want to play as women then that´s fine with me, but I find it interesting because you hardly see women play as men in games. Unless they´re not given another chance, when the main character is male and you can´t change that.

One of the games that I really loved to play was City of Heroes/City of Villains, you had so many options with customizing your character and your costume. Which is probably the most fun I´ve had with customizing in any game I´ve ever played. I think it´s safe to say that this game was also a nice game for men who like to play as a woman. It´s a shame that this game is no longer playable, but maybe in the future there will be another game like that.

But for all the men who like to play as a woman, there is nothing wrong with that and when you´re roleplaying I doubt anyone would be bothered by that. I think most people online expect female characters to be controlled by a man anyway. Which is of course not always the truth, there are plenty of female gamers though some of them play as a male character. Often just to not get bothered by men who annoy them, which is a shame because I would always welcome more female players. It´s good that there are also women out there that don´t care and just play as the character they want to, even if that means they´ll get a lot of crap from other (often male) players.

I think some men also like to play as a woman in games because they´re secretly a crossdresser or transvetite, though that doesn´t always have to be secretly but since it´s not that openly accepted I can definately understand why some would keep it a secret. It´s nice that they can be themselves in a game, but it´s a shame that it has to be like that and that it can´t be more out in the open without the insults. Just between you and me, I think men that look like women look sexy and I doubt that I´m the only one!

woensdag 15 mei 2013

Fictional turn on

I don´t think many people would find it odd if you´re attracted to an actor or actress in a certain movie, maybe it´s because of their make-up or their costume but it´s still a real person. But what if it´s someone that is completely fictional, like a character in a comic or a video game?

Especially in games there are a lot of interesting characters, there might be different opinions what would be considered as sexy but I think it´s safe to say that there is something good for most gamers. But does the sight of a computer animated character actually turn you on? Or is it more like you appreciate it but it doesn´t really do anything for you? I think the lesbian scene in Mass Effect 3 is popular, even if it´s just a short scene it´s probably still liked for what you see. But it´s still just two computer animated characters (one of them can be created by you, at least in appearance) and depending on the choices you make in the game it can lead to different outcomes. I guess it really depends on how you look at it, if you´re in the story and really play the role of Commander Shepard then I doubt it will feel like you´re just watching some computer animated characters get intimate with eachother. So your imagination will definately help with the turn on, though is it really required?

Well when looking at sex, it´s nice to have some creativity because doing the same thing in the same position every time can get old. Maybe not for everyone but people are different, so what counts for one doesn´t have to count for another. But when you get fiction in picture then it comes in handy to have some imagination, to be creative and maybe create a whole story behind this romance or intimacy. Though that could just be me thinking too much, because some people just probably like to think of themselves with someone. There are also people who like to fantasize about two fictional characters getting together, where they might even leave themselves out of the fantasy.

I do like to play as a fictional character, like dressing up as a character from a game or comic. A little bit of cosplay can definately spice things up or at least make things more interesting, it can even help you fulfil a fantasy or at least help you get a lot closer to one you might have. Because a fictional character will stay that way, the closest you can be is be intimate with someone dressed up as that fictional character. It´s of course up to you how far you want to take that, though getting too much involved might be a mistake when your partner isn´t. I think a popular fictional couple roleplay is Batman and Catwoman, also for two women you have Harley and Poison Ivy roleplay.

Just look at the picture below and ask yourself, is this hot or not?

maandag 13 mei 2013

Thigh high boots

Lately I´ve noticed that thigh high boots are becoming more popular to wear, but it could be that these women are secretly more into kink. Still it´s not like 50% of all the women wear them, but slowly they´ve become more popular. Even for those that don´t like thigh high boots there are knee high boots, which comes pretty close to the delicious thigh high boots. Working your way up with your tongue on thigh high boots isn´t easily matched by any other type of boots, though many would probably love to try.

What I find interesting is that people often see thigh high boots as something worn by a dominatrix, a stripper or a prostitute. As if it´s forbidden for women with a different job to wear them!!!! Besides I doubt every dominatrix, stripper or prostitute wears them. But thigh high boots are a good way to get someones attention, though some people might be focused a bit too much on the boots and won´t pay that much attention to what you say. Still that´s a risk I´d be willing to take!

The first time I walked in thigh high boots I felt like a queen, maybe that was more my imagination then the power of the boots but it sure felt good. Even now I wear them from time to time, preferbly when I´m not walking around too much because they´re not always the fastest way of travelling. My boots also have a zipper, which is probably less popular with the way that looks but a lot easier when putting them on and later taking them off. I already have more than enough fun with laces when putting on my corset!!!!

If you´re still not convinced that thigh high boots look sexy, then maybe this will change your mind.

zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Dark roleplay

As a goth I´m naturally drawn to the dark side of life, which include a lot of things but it doesn´t mean I´m bound to any of them by default. The last couple of years vampires have become popular, well maybe they have always been popular but thanks to certain movies and series the popularity seems to be bigger than ever. Unfortunately not all of these movies or series are what you would call something every vampire lover would like to sink his or her teeth in. Which has lead to some strange sparkling or brooding teenage vampires, which is all great for some people but doesn´t really add anything interesting for others. Even in roleplay you see some people having fantasies of playing parts from those movies or series, while others absolutely having nothing with that. So what to do if you´re dealing with one of those fanpire, combination of fan (boy or girl) and vampire, and they wish to play such parts in the bedroom?

Now don´t get me wrong, I like to bite and I´m absolutely not scared by the sight of blood. I´d sink my nails in your back and sink my teeth in your neck, it wouldn´t bother me at all. But when someone comes to me and wants me to play as a sparkling vampire I draw the line. It´s not that I can´t respect them, sure if that´s what they like then that´s fine with me. But I refuse to be any part of that, as my view of vampires is different then what they show to people these days. I´m not the one to turn down an attractive person, especially in a shiny outfit, but I´d say the fanpire stuff will have to stay out. Unless they´re willing to play in one of my fantasies where I nail them to a cross and torture them for days, I´d say that makes it worth it!!!!

Something that I find interesting is where someone would play a vampire hunter and the other would be a vampire, that could lead to some interesting roleplay and torture fits in nicely. Maybe a vampire with a werewolf pet? A necromancer with his or her beloved zombie maid? Is that twisted? Well seeing that some like rainbows and bubblegum, I´d say that there are some that like things a bit different and it´s no suprise that this is darker. I haven´t even spoken of the pagan and the missionary, which can lead to some intense roleplay. Spanking someone with a bible has something devine about it, both on the giving and receiving end.

donderdag 9 mei 2013

When things get too hot

When you´re in a session with a sub then it can happen that things get hot, you get aroused and feelings of lust are no stranger at these moments. So how do you react to that? As a professional dom/domme it´s probably not a good idea to give in to such temptations during the session, but afterwards you could explore such feelings and see where it goes. Though it might not be a good idea to keep this sub as a client, as the lines between business and pleasure should remain even if they can be a bit vague at times.

During a session a client of mine, a transwoman, got an erection. She was very ashamed of that and couldn´t stop apologizing. She takes hormones but I guess when things get too hot it´s not avoidable to get turned on. I don´t see it as something you should apologize for, in a way I take it as a compliment because it means that I´m doing something right. It´s not that I´m completely cold to the things I do, seeing someone bound in rubber makes me wet just the same as most latex lovers but it doesn´t mean that I break my own rules.

But maybe sometimes things can get out of control, then it´s better to end the session. As tempting as it might be to have sex at those moments, sometimes it´s better to walk away than to give in. If the feelings remain and the other has similar feelings then you can always explore those in your private time. It´s not impossible or unthinkable that a relationship is impossible between a dom/domme and a sub, but a relationship with a client is probably not a good idea. Still you can move from dom/domme and client to a more personal relationship.

I can definately advise you to talk with your dom/domme or client if such situations might occur, in the end it´s just human nature to get turned on by something or someone you like. If you have a good connection with the other then such a conversation shouldn´t feel awkward or unpleasant, just be honest how you feel and who knows maybe the feelings are mutual. There is nothing wrong with a sub licking your boots, but what if he or she could be licking something else...

dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Catsuit, it doesn´t get any better!!!!

I think it´s safe to say that a catsuit is my favourite piece of clothing, which might suprise some because it covers up most of your body. Well revealing your body isn´t what I find attractive, it´s a nicely shaped body in a shiny outfit that I find interesting. Wether it´s on a man or a woman, a catsuit seems to bring the best out of you. Though it would help if you have a good figure, I doubt seeing someone squeeze into a catsuit and not being able to fit in is arousing for anyone. But it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round!

I remember the first time I saw someone in a catsuit, funny enough it was actually someone wearing a Catwoman costume. At first I couldn´t believe that something like that could exist, it looked so forbidden and yet so appealing. Of course things that seem to be forbidden are often the more interesting things in life. I had to wait a lot of years until I had my first catsuit but once in my possession I couldn´t stop wearing it.

Did you know that some people wear a catsuit under their casual clothes? A lot of latex lovers like to feel latex on their skin so they wear some latex clothing underneath their casual clothes, sometimes that also means that they wear a latex catsuit. It would be a bit more difficult in Summer, if not less pleasant with the heat, to wear a catsuit but in Winter it´s probably worn quite a lot. I don´t think you would ever look the same way at your colleague if you knew that he or she was wearing a latex catsuit under his or her clothes.

There are different styles of catsuits but I like the one without covering up the hands and feet, also I personally prefer a black catsuit and with the zipper covered up. But I wouldn´t say no to any other type of catsuit. I guess the only problem I have with a catsuit is that it´s expensive, usually for a good reason but that doesn´t make it easier to buy one. So is it money well spend or a waste of money? Well that would depend on you, they´re expensive but well worth the money when you look at the fun you can have with it. Though always buy quality, even if that means buying something expensive.

zondag 5 mei 2013

The hard truth

For some it´s non negotiable, but for others it´s a must. I guess it depends how you and your partner look at it, also who plays what role. What am I talking about? I´m talking about a strap-on, a big (rubber) cock to pleasure someone with. It comes in very handy when you´re missing certain parts, though it´s not forbidden to use it when you do have those parts. Have you ever tried it? I think most people would say no, maybe they´re scared or others just don´t feel like using that on themself or others. But it´s something you can use when dominating someone.

It´s not strange for a dominatrix to wear a strap-on, which is often worshiped by a sub. But just like a whip it´s not something that is required for a dominatrix to have in her possession to be seen as one. For those that are intimate with their sub the strap-on brings more submission and humiliation in the picture, but it´s really an optional item that isn´t required to enjoy your time with a sub. Also it´s probably not something for a first session with a sub, espcially as a professional dom/domme you´ll probably leave it out. Most likely because as a professional you don´t get intimate with your client.

But for the amateurs or the recreationals there is enough fun to have with this never failing joystick. The strap-on keeps your hands free so you don´t have to keep it in place, so you have both your hands free to do other things. I would like to add that a professional dom/domme sometimes also uses a strap-on, though this isn´t for sexual pleasure with a client. But then again things are different for some people and the rules for one are not always the rules for another. Just keep in mind that a dom/domme with a strap-on doesn´t mean that you´re going to have sex.

Is a strap-on a girls best friend? Well maybe some would say that, though I doubt that a strap-on is better than having a whole man. Sure not every specimen might be that interesting but the same can be said about women, so up to this point I haven´t found that special strap-on that could replace a man. I just know that I enjoy my strap-on, it´s always ready and doesn´t need anything but a nice place to keep it. A strap-on could bring some spice into a boring relationship, with some role reversal or double pleasure. But try to remember that you can´t stick everything in certain places, it might be tempting but you should really stick to the things that are made for that!!!!

vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Unexpected but true

When you talk about someones fetish, then it´s not always something obvious. Sure some people have a love for latex and leather, well probably a lot of people, but it´s not all that there is. Sometimes it´s something casual or something you wouldn´t expect. For some people it´s difficult to bring it up, because they feel ashamed about it or think that they´re weird that this makes them aroused. But sharing how something turns you on is nothing to be ashamed off, though maybe it´s a good idea to check carefully first if you´re uncertain about it.

It doesn´t always have to be complicated, sometimes it´s simple like make-up (for example a certain type of lipstick) or an accesory (for example a choker). Do you know what makes you aroused? Usually that´s the key to spice up your sex life, unless you´re happy with the standard stuff and don´t feel like adding something to that. But you would be missing out on a lot of fun, so why would you deny yourself that?

But there are things that aren´t accepted or tolerated by most people, sometimes for good reasons. I don´t think that you´ll be alone if you feel in a certain way, but it might be difficult to find someone to openly admit that like that as well. I guess the internet gives you a good chance to find like minded people but the internet is also a good place for people to pretend, so always be careful when you reveal yourself and/or your fetishes.

Personally I like equestrians, I find their outfits arousing and someone that likes horses gets bonus points with me. Maybe it´s their tight pants or their shiny boots, either way I love it!!!! The good thing about this fetish is that it´s not that difficult to find people who are into this or people who wear that. But it´s not always that simple, just remember that communication can get you far. Though a little bit of luck doesn´t hurt as well. Anyway good luck and hopefully you´ll find something to bring some flavour into your sex life!!!!

woensdag 1 mei 2013

Too hot for leather

As much as you might appreciate the sun for giving you a little bit of warmth, it´s quite annoying when you´re wearing latex or leather when it´s hot outside. If you´re into sweat and all that then I guess you don´t have a problem, but I think it´s safe to say that for most of us it´s not that pleasant. Warm weather and leather don´t seem to go well together, especially not if you´re out in the sun being active.

So imagine being intimate with someone else while wearing leather, that makes you even hotter and I think your sweat gland might reach a critical limit. No matter how horny you are, if the other person smells then it´s a big turn off. Unless you´re willing to risk it, though I would definately not recommend it!!!!

Leather is great when it´s colder, so you´ll probably have the best time to wear it in Autumn and Spring. Though a mild Winter might be pleasant as well. Summer is less pleasant for leather, unless it´s a very mild Summer and you don´t do much while wearing leather. So does that mean you can´t play while wearing leather in Summer? Well if you find a way to stay cool, then it would be a shame not to.

Some people do seem to like the smell of sweat, like a foot that comes out of a boot that has been worn on a hot day. But that´s not something you want to risk with someone you just met or when you´re not certain if the other like that. It might seem odd for the other if you start sniffing at their feet while they just want to wash their feet.

I´m stubborn, so I don´t stop wearing leather in Summer and sometimes I pay dearly for that. But when you love something, when you truly enjoy wearing something then you shouldn´t be scared off by a little bit of discomfort. Instead wear your leather jacket, pants, boots and/or gloves. Maybe the smelly leather will attract a fetish lover and you´ll be even hotter at night. Enjoy!!!!