zaterdag 28 september 2013

Black lipstick fantasy

I´ve noticed that a lot of people seem to have a thing for black lipstick, maybe because it´s not something a lot of women use or maybe because it just looks good. Often I get messages about people who love my black lipstick, it´s sexy and they wish I would suck them off. Unfortunately for these people I don´t consider sucking a stranger off as a fantasy of mine, so good luck with that people! But it´s interesting how people seem to like black lipstick and not always the goth look. Of course you don´t need black lipstick to have a goth look but often people seem to identify goths with black lipstick, personally it doesn´t bother me if they do but it´s a shame if that how a lot of people seem to recognize goths. Anyway black lipstick is considered as sexy by a lot of people, but what is so sexy about it?

Black is sexy! That´s a simple answer but I really think it looks good on almost everyone. Which is quite suprising that you don´t see a lot of people in black, which makes perfect sense when it´s hot outside but what about black lipstick? It looks good and if you´re looking for attention then you´ll definately get it, but you should really wear it because you like it. Never wear something because someone makes you, because I´ve had a girlfriend that tried to please me by wearing black lipstick but in truth she didn´t like it at all. Of course I value it if someone does something nice for me, but it shouldn´t be at the cost of your own happiness!

So why is black lipstick not that popular? It´s difficult to say but it has probably something to do because it´s identified with goths and when you don´t want to be seen as a goth then you´ll probably don´t want to wear it. Just remember that black lipstick doesn´t make you a goth, if you like it then you can just wear it. But don´t be suprised if people stare at you, it´s not that common and especially when you´re a man it´s considered to be weird to wear lipstick at all. But just between you and me, black lipstick looks sexy on everyone. Both men and women!

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