maandag 16 september 2013

Everything or nothing

Something that really bothers me is that people these days want everything or nothing, there is no gray area. When you show pictures then it has to be nude, when you meet someone then there has to be sex. Of course this doesn´t count for everyone but I seem to notice that this seems to count for more and more people. Some people are actually skipping the introductions, they don´t really have questions for you but just want to know if you have Skype or anything like that. What happened to hi how are you doing? My name is.... Maybe that´s old fashioned and I´m a relic from the past, but I care for manners and polite interactions with eachother. If it´s all about just eating, sleeping and sex then what´s the point of it all?

I want to make one thing clear, this isn´t just about men sending women annoying messages. I´m well aware that women are in some cases just as much to blame, when they´re just looking for sex. It´s not a bad thing is it? Well it´s not, but when that´s all you´re getting then I´m not that happy about it. Not on any of my profiles is there a message that says come respond to me and we can have a quick shag. And yet that´s all I seem to be getting lately, well longer than that actually but it´s one of those moments that this is all I´m good for apparently. Sex is nice but it should never be the first thing you talk about in a message to a stranger online or someone you meet somewhere else. I know that people feel safe behind their screens and think that they can do and say whatever they want, in a way they actually can. But will it ever lead to succes? I wouldn´t count on it!

Just think of how you would respond to someone you´re attracted to in real life and when you´re interested in someone online, the rules don´t change and so the behavioiur shouldn´t change either. But we´ve all gotten so brave, we´ve all fallen so far from anything that was right. I won´t deny that online flirting is fun, but when you´re just asking to turn on your webcam and finger yourself then it´s just stupid. Apparently you´re stupid and lame if you don´t show your breasts or vagina online, because we all seem to have a right to see it. Do we? Do we really have a right to see everything? As far as I know your body is yours and you deside what you do with it! So what about subs? They let you do stuff right? Indeed, with certain rules in mind I do things that some might find questionable but it´s with agreement and not because I´m just a sadistic bitch!

So what´s the difference, where can you draw the line? Just stop asking for someone Skype or whatever you want to use to communicate in the first message, such private information must be earned and even after talking for weeks some might not give it to you. Sometimes people are just not that interested in you, it happens so deal with it! Just because you live in the same town doesn´t mean that you have to meet, so never make such a suggestion in your first message. Get to know someone, take some effort in listening and ask some questions that are related to what the person was talking about. It´s not difficult to be social, it´s not impossible to learn. Some might think there is a quick way to get lucky, I won´t disagree but you´ll often have to pay for that luck! If you´re ok with that then go for it, just don´t expect women you meet online to do the same. To all women that might read this, remember that you don´t need to do anything you don´t want to! Even as a sub you have choices, you don´t have to do something you really don´t want to. Especially not to some douchebag online who thinks he owns you! You can show pictures you´re comfortable with, if you don´t want to put nude pictures then don´t do it. Remember you decide what you do with your body, not someone else!

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