zaterdag 27 december 2014

It´s all about sex?

It seems a lot of dating sites and also fetish sites are full with profiles of people that are looking for sex. Not that there is anything wrong with sex but if that´s the main reason for looking for someone else then you might be having a rough time finding someone. But that doesn´t stop people from trying, sometimes desperately showing nude pictures hoping this will speed things up. Unfortunately for them it doesn´t!

To be honest I don´t care about dating sites but it bothers me that this is also on fetish sites, showing your private parts isn´t hot and it´s not a fetish! It´s just some desperate attempt to get some attention. I´m not talking about people that have nude pictures on their profile, I´m talking about people that have a nude picture as their profile picture. Which means every time this person sends a message or comments somewhere there is more of that atrocity out there, which is definitely not a good thing!

But it doesn´t stop at these nude pictures, there are also people that have to post pictures where they have sex with someone else. Is that a fetish? I guess some would claim it is but I can´t help but find it sad, probably because that´s one of the few times they got laid and immediately had to make a picture of it. Maybe some people make an art out of it but that´s definitely not the majority out there, it´s some juvenile load of bollocks!

As much as I hate it that´s probably as much as the majority likes it, because somehow these pictures get thousands of like and that probably also says a bit of the community on a fetish site. There was a time and a place that I thought it was where people could talk about their fetish and share interests with eachother. Now it seems more and more like it´s a place to find someone to have sex with and show off having sex with others. What the hell happened?!!!!

In a professional session with a Dominatrix you don´t even have sex! I guess it becomes even more rare to find like minded people out there, because the majority out there has other priorities and that´s perfectly fine with me but why does that have to be portrayed on fetish sites? I think there are plenty of porn sites where you can put all your sex pictures and leave everything fetish related for the fetish sites. It´s just a thought, one that clearly has not much support out there....

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