zondag 4 januari 2015

A spicy year?

Lately I´ve noticed the amount of latex and leather on tv, I´m not talking about movies or series but just people wearing this. Maybe this isn´t something special to you but I find this quite interesting, because there was a time and a place people weren´t that comfortable showing this kinky side. Somehow people are less worried about that or it´s just more accepted to wear less casual clothing, which is still a good thing!

I noticed politicians wearing leather pants and skirts, sometimes even leather jackets. Then there are some that wear high heels and combine that with a short skirt. This counts for the women, somehow they have more balls then their male colleagues. But it´s not just politicians, it´s in talkshows or even reporters. I´m not saying all of them but there are some that are quite expressive with their choice of clothes, something that is definitely nice to see.

But what does this mean? It doesn´t have to mean anything, I mean what one or two people wear on tv doesn´t mean much. But I do find it interesting that this is allowed, because I doubt everyone would appreciate or accept a style like that. So when a woman appears on tv wearing a shiny leather skirt then I can´t help but be less focused on the news she´s telling me and more focused on what she´s wearing. So it might distract but that´s a distraction I don´t mind. Besides it´s nice to see that there are more people that like to wear latex and leather, especially in public.

Does this mean people that wear latex or leather are automaticly into BDSM? Of course not! But that won´t stop people from speculating or maybe even having fantasies about certain people they´ve seen in latex or leather. I guess that´s to be expected if you show yourself in something like that, but I wonder if everyone is happy with that. I guess it doesn´t really matter, as long as it makes you feel good then who really cares what others think of your style in clothing!

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