zondag 8 februari 2015

Taking a Dom/Domme seriously

Are you familiar with certain people online claiming to be a Dom/Domme and expect you to give them respect just because of that? Maybe if you´re a sub you´re even more familiar with these type of people online, because they expect you to serve them just because you´re a sub and he or she considers herself as a Dom/Domme. It´s stupid but unfortunately this happens!

What´s probably the worst part is that some subs actually take these ´Doms/Dommes´ serious and think that they´re really a Dom/Domme. People that expect you to give them respect just like that are idiots, the same counts for people that think they can boss you around because he or she calls himself or herself a Dom/Domme. The good thing about online communication is that you can easily block and ignore people, which makes these annoying wannabe Doms/Dommes nothing but a minor nuisance.

That doesn´t make them less annoying though, because they don´t learn anything and keep doing what they do best and that´s being stupid. I guess you can´t keep people like that from showing up in certain sites, especially when they have succes with their tricks. Perhaps you don´t see the problems with these people but they give real Doms/Dommes a bad name and that´s not a good thing!

Your first experience with BDSM is important, because a bad experience can have a big negative impact on you. These wannabe Doms/Dommes are not a good way to get familiar with BDSM and might even give the wrong impression to people that are new to BDSM. It doesn´t take an expert to figure out that these wannabes are full of shit but you´d be surprised how convincing some people can be, especially to people who have very little to no experience with BDSM.

The bond between a Dom/Domme and sub is important. Having these wannabes ruin that isn´t a good thing. Even when some subs won´t fall for it, it´s still bad that these people influence others. My advince is to be careful, don´t fall for the first Dom/Domme that talks to you and definitely don´t do anything that seems strange to you. Trust must be earned and not automaticly given!

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