zaterdag 31 januari 2015

Your fantasy

We all have a fantasy, well maybe some have more than one but let´s assume that we all have at least one fantasy and that´s the one thing that would make you very happy or turn you on. But what should you do with that fantasy?

It´s easy to say that you should try to make your fantasy reality, because the moment you do that it´s not your fantasy anymore but reality and reality isn´t always as nice as your fantasy. Which means you could ruin your fantasy by trying to make it reality. That kind of raises the question if it´s a good idea to make your fantasy become reality, because you don´t want to ruin your fantasy! So what do you do? You do nothing or do you carefully try to see if it´s possible to make your fantasy become reality?

I´m not trying to scare you here, if you have a fantasy and I really do mean a fantasy and not just something that turns you on then it would be nice if that could become reality. But you should be careful, because it´s easy to ruin your fantasy and that might have some serious consequences for your fantasy. You could ruin it in such a way that you want nothing to do with that fantasy, which is a shame because you should cherish your fantasy and not abuse it or waste it!

So what do you do? First of all you look if it´s possible to see your fantasy become reality, this can be harsh but it´s important that you realize if it´s possible or not because otherwise it would just be a waste of time to try and make it reality. This means that you´ll have to be honest and not try to make it work whatever the cost. If it is possible then it comes down to finding someone that is willing to make that fantasy come true with you, that might be the tricky part because what one person likes the other might not like and not everyone is willing to be a part of your fantasy. You don´t want to force people to do anything and if they´re truly sincere in making your fantasy become reality then that´s one step closer to seeing it become reality. But don´t let that make you greedy and ask for more or change things, be clear in what you want and respect the opinion of someone else. Which means that some people are willing to be a part of that but with certain conditions, if you can´t accept that then be honest about it!

Is it better to keep your fantasy as a fantasy? Sometimes it is, but it really depends on what your fantasy is. Sometimes it´s not that difficult to make it reality but unfortunately not everyone has a fantasy that is simple. So don´t be surprised if your fantasy will remain a fantasy, perhaps that is sometimes for the best. That doesn´t mean you can´t enjoy life or that you haven´t fully lived! Life is what you make of it!

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