zaterdag 2 mei 2015

Be your own Dom/Domme!

I´m actually surprised that a lot of Doms/Dommes look at other Doms/Dommes when it comes to behaviour. Some go even so far to almost completely mimic another Dom/Domme. This isn´t just about behaviour, sometimes it´s also about style and the items they use. I don´t think there´s anything wrong to be inspired by someone else but to just imitate another Dom/Domme is quite sad!

Of course there´s nothing wrong with asking for advice and you can actually learn a lot from more experienced Doms/Dommes. The problem is that sometimes people don´t look for advice but just someone to imitate, something I don´t support! There is enough creativity around to get your own ideas and make your own path in BDSM as a Dom/Domme.

The trick of finding your own way is to experiment, find out what you like and what you want. If you stick with one thing then that will keep you limited with ideas and that makes it harder to be creative. That doesn´t mean that you have to force yourself into situations or do things you don´t want to do, but try to figure out what you want and often that means exploring.

This isn´t about respect, but it´s about you as a Dom/Domme making your own mark on the world and even when you keep your dominant side in the bedroom then it´s still nice that you got your own style and your own way of doing things. I think as a Dom/Domme you grow by finding your own path in BDSM, you learn and you experience new things which hopefully leads to more knowledge and fun during sessions.

It´s easy to imitate someone else, anyone could do that. But it actually takes courage to figure things out yourself, to find out what you want and what you like. It helps if someone else helps you, there´s no need to do everything on your own. But eventually it does come down to you making up your own mind, for example what kind of Dom/Domme you want to be.

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