zaterdag 18 april 2015

Professional or just for fun?

It´s a question you´ll get every now and then as a Dom/Domme, are you a professional or just for fun? When I tell that person that I´m a professional Domme then some people don´t always understand what that exactly means. I can´t speak for every Dom/Domme but it usually means you pay to play and it also means that it´s BDSM and not sex! I know some Doms/Dommes have different rules, but a lot of professional Doms/Dommes don´t have sex with their subs.

Perhaps you might get the idea that it´s better to be with a Dom/Domme who just does it for fun. But don´t forget that there is a good chance that this is someone who isn´t familiar with BDSM and that this isn´t a guarantee for sex. I would like to add that there are a lot of Doms/Dommes out there that aren´t professional but do know their stuff about BDSM, so it´s not like only a pro knows what´s best.

I know that there are people that say that professional Doms/Dommes are stuck up assholes, which might sometimes be true but that doesn´t describe everyone! But there are definitely some people out there that give other Doms/Dommes a bad name. Just remember that people that talk big online aren´t always that interesting as they pretend to be, usually the more noise they make the bigger the chance that this is just someone that needs attention.

I don´t really understand the need for hate when it comes to professional or not, we´re all enjoying BDSM so does it really matter? I´m not saying we should all be friends but why the hostility towards someone else just because they´re not professional? Not professional doesn´t mean bad, it actually means that you don´t pay to play.

As a new sub you might want to start with a professional Dom/Domme, I think that this person can help you out getting familiar with BDSM. But if you don´t feel like spending money on a session then you can always try to find a friendly Dom/Domme that just does it for fun. But these might be more rare then you think!

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