dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Pretty pleather

Some love it and others hate it, but the reasons to hate it are often based on the fact that it´s not real leather. Personally I love pleather, it´s a cheaper version of leather and it´s not that different when you compare it to leather. Sure some people will say that leather is much better, perhaps that´s true but that doesn´t automaticly make pleather bad. What I also like about pleather is that it´s often a lot cheaper than leather and people won´t whine that you´re wearing an animal. I don´t know how the animal activists are in your country but here things can go pretty crazy! Have you ever been chased by people with a paint brush? Well I haven´t either, but it doesn´t look like it´s fun....

When I touch pleather I don´t feel like I´m touching something weird, all this negative talk you hear about leather is often from leather elitists. It´s often not even based on experience with pleather, a lot of time it´s just a prejudice. I´ve got pleather clothes, I like to wear them and I don´t get any comments from people that recognize pleather instantly. Also when you see someone in pleather will you really be negative? Will you say: "oh you sure look hot but I´m not interested in you because you wear pleather!" Pleather is something for people who prefer not to wear leather or just don´t have the money to buy leather, so why should it get so much negativity? I mean does someone that wears leather actually feels himself or herself better than someone that wears pleather?

The most important thing when wearing clothes is that you feel comfortable in it, don´t worry what other people have to say! Because there will always be people that won´t be positive about your style. As a goth that´s something that I encounter a lot, people that hate your style. There isn´t even a real reason for it, some people just hate to hate. Don´t let that discourage you in any way! Wear what you like to wear, don´t be afraid to try something new and if you´re a bit nervous about wearing something then first try it on and let some good friends tell you how it look on you. When I look at pleather then I see something I want to touch, I want to lick it and I want to smell it. In a way just as I want to do that with leather.

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