woensdag 13 november 2013

Rubbing with rubber

When I think about rubber I think about something shiny, something I want to rub against and get turned on by the thought of doing so. Have you ever rubbed with your crotch against a rubber butt? Especially if you wear rubber it has this amazing feeling, which is for rubber lovers as close as you can get to heaven. Well there could always be more entertaining things you could do with rubber, but I do think that this comes pretty close!

The trick is to find someone who is just as much in love with rubber as you are, because a lot of people like rubber but not all of them like to wear it themselves. Which makes sense but it´s also a shame. Of course you can pleasure yourself in rubber, but as much fun you can have by yourself it´s only half of the fun you could have with someone else in rubber. That doesn´t mean that sticking a rubber hand in your pants is forbidden, there´s nothing wrong with some pleasure that you can provide yourself. Maybe when you close your eyes you can even imagine it´s someone elses hand.

I´ve met several people with a love for rubber, but I don´t know that many rubber couples. At least not people that openly confessed their love for rubber, which is quite understandable that you keep that to yourself. Judgement is easily cast these days and before you know it people will think you´re a freak. Eventhough a lot of people love rubber, I´d say at least half of them wouldn´t openly admit that they do. So I wouldn´t openly ask for people if they have a love for rubber like yourself, unless you really don´t care what others think about you. If by some chance you do meet someone else who is a rubber lover then it doesn´t automaticly mean that person is into you, something not everyone always seems to understand. As much as I´m attracted to rubber, that´s as much as I´m repulsed by people who assume things based on a little bit of information.

Maybe it´s just me but I think everything feels better in rubber, from the small things to bigger things. Yes that also means an erection, without actually touching the erection you can still feel it and when it looks so shiny under the rubber you just want to feel it against you. But don´t let that fool you that it´s only erections that feel good, a vagina that is ready for penetration feels good as well. A sensual rubber rubbing with another woman is very sexy, something you should really try at least once in your life!

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