zaterdag 2 november 2013

On your knees

As a Dom/Domme there is hardly ever any lack of people willing to serve, especially when you appear online. So many people seem to be eager to give themselves to a Dom/Domme. Often this commitment is given without any thought, probably it´s a way of hoping to get closer to a specific Dom/Domme or maybe it´s just one of those decisions you make without really thinking about it. That alone is already more than enough reason for me to take at least half of the offers I get not seriously, because so many people just say things they don´t really mean. It´s often just a means to an end.

Some people are actually suprised that a Dom/Domme would reject him or her, often I get a reply to my rejection that comes down to disbelief. Somehow there is this illusion out there that a Dom/Domme would accept anyone who volunteers to be a sub. I think it fits in the same place where some subs seem to believe that sex is part of the session, I´m not saying that it´s unthinkable but if it´s a session with a professional Dom/Domme then sex isn´t a part of the session. If you get payed for sex then there is a different word for that profession. It´s a shame that these illusions exist out there and I always try to correct that, but that doesn´t take away that some subs seem to believe in these illusions. Personally I get the idea that it´s mostly based on wishful thinking, but that doesn´t make it true!

I´m often careful with people that are so eager to serve, that get on their knees without any form of protest. You might think that it´s nice to have a sub that does exactly what you say, but I find it a little bit suspecious. Especially when I look at some online subs, but that doesn´t mean that it´s all bad. Some subs are really just that eager to serve, maybe being without a Dom/Domme for a (long) period of time makes you a bit more eager to serve? Still you shouldn´t be too desperate, especially for a first impression it could work against you. Giving someone a compliment is nice, but sucking up to someone is just sad. Maybe sometimes it works, but I think most Doms/Dommes would look through that. Probably the same way as some subs look through wannabe Doms/Dommes. Calling yourself a Dom/Domme or a sub doesn´t make you one, this is something some people don´t really understand.

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