zaterdag 21 december 2013

Season of leather

Most people already wear leather in Autumn but you can be certain that Winter will often grand you a large group of people wearing leather clothing. So everyone with a leather fetish should be quite happy. Even if you don´t like the cold you might want to go outside and spoil your eyes with some leather goodness! Because before you know it we´re back in Spring and then leather sightings in the open might be a bit more rare, I guess it does depend how the weather is where you live but I´d say most people usually switch to something different when it gets warmer.

I love leather, the way it feels and the way it smells. When I see someone walking in leather then that has my attention, I love the sight of people walking in leather and it makes Winter a great season for me. The beauty of leather is that it´s not just something that feels good, it also keeps you warm! But that´s also something that keeps people from wearing leather out in the open in the middle of Summer. Unless you´re as extreme as me, then you might sweat a lot but you still wear your favourite material! But Winter has just started and so we´re in the middle of some beautiful leather sightings.

People that wear leather are into kink? Oh I wouldn´t say that, I guess some people just like it or prefer to wear it because it keeps them warm. But since there are more materials that can keep you warm you can ask yourself why they would choose leather instead of something else? Leather can also give you a tougher look, so maybe that also has something to do with it. I wouldn´t think that everyone that wears leather is into kink, as much as I would love it to be that way. I think latex says a bit more about the wearer, people who wear latex are often into kink and yet that´s still not a guarantee. Just because you like to wear something doesn´t mean you´re into kink.

What I like to do when I wear leather is meet other people who also like to wear leather, we rub our bodies against eachother and have some fun enjoying eachothers fetish. Even an innocent vanilla housewife will be tempted to rub her body against another sexy leather body. I think leather can be a huge turn on, even if it´s not a fetish for you. I think it looks good on people, even when it´s pink. Of course I wouldn´t want to wear pink leather myself but I wouldn´t mind biting someone who would wear that. That´s another thing I like about leather, it´s quite strong so if I rub against it or bite it then it can handle that. Unfortunately the person wearing leather can´t always handle that....

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