dinsdag 26 november 2013

I want you to want me

It´s not only a good song, but sometimes it´s also how I feel. The feeling to be wanted by the one you love and the one that loves you. Telling someone that loves you that you don´t feel anything for him or her anymore is probably one of the most cruel things you can say to someone, especially when it´s about attraction. Of course some people are more sensitive to this then others, but I´ve seen people do some nasty things because of that.

You can´t like everyone and you can´t be attracted to everyone, we all have something we like or dislike. Sometimes someone that is deeply in love with you is absolutely not attracted to you, this can be quite frustrating and painful for the one who is in love. You could try to win the other over with poetry, songs, kindness or just by being yourself and show who you really are. Love on first sight doesn´t happen all the time, sometimes you´re friends before you become more than that or you´re even not that fond of the other at first. Love can grow, especially if it´s the type of love that is honest and from the heart.

Unfortunately most of the messages I get online aren´t from the heart, I´d say most people type with their penis when I read some of the messages I get. Ok so you´re attracted to a picture of me, but that doesn´t mean that you need to say how hard you are. I know that some Doms/Dommes are into these messages, they like to hear how much people spray their white love juice on their pictures. But not everybody feels that way, personally I find it quite rude to assume something just based on a picture or a few words. And yet I do the same in a way, I get a message from someone named hornyforyou and the messages says: I want to be inside you. Do I respond to that? No! Do I give this guy a chance to explain himself? No! Do I think that he´s a moron? Yes! Right there I judge him, it´s wrong and yet I can´t help but feel this way when someone wastes my time like that.

Does that mean you can´t say anything nice? Of course you can say something nice, for example there is nothing wrong with saying that someone looks attractive. A lot of people that are attractive know this, so don´t be suprised if you don´t always get an interesting reply to this. Try to be creative and find other things to talk about instead of how much you want to fill her up with your juice. Maybe some people are into that, but in a random chat online I wouldn´t recommend it. If you have a fetish in common, for example latex, then you have something to talk about. Maybe you can playfully talk about how you wouldn´t mind if he or she would be rubbing against you but leave it to flirting at first. If someone else picks it up and continues then you can go a little bit faster. It´s not that you have to be completely innocent!

There is nothing wrong with wanting someone, just don´t be  to forward with it when you talk to someone you don´t know or don´t know that well. A lot of people won´t take it kindly and it could be the end of the communication, it would be a shame if you could´ve had more succes if you just handled it differently. People often want to be treated as a person and not as a prize, learn to love someone for who they are and not what they do or what they wear. It can be hot to be wanted, especially if the other person is turning you on a lot. But remember to be patient!

woensdag 13 november 2013

Rubbing with rubber

When I think about rubber I think about something shiny, something I want to rub against and get turned on by the thought of doing so. Have you ever rubbed with your crotch against a rubber butt? Especially if you wear rubber it has this amazing feeling, which is for rubber lovers as close as you can get to heaven. Well there could always be more entertaining things you could do with rubber, but I do think that this comes pretty close!

The trick is to find someone who is just as much in love with rubber as you are, because a lot of people like rubber but not all of them like to wear it themselves. Which makes sense but it´s also a shame. Of course you can pleasure yourself in rubber, but as much fun you can have by yourself it´s only half of the fun you could have with someone else in rubber. That doesn´t mean that sticking a rubber hand in your pants is forbidden, there´s nothing wrong with some pleasure that you can provide yourself. Maybe when you close your eyes you can even imagine it´s someone elses hand.

I´ve met several people with a love for rubber, but I don´t know that many rubber couples. At least not people that openly confessed their love for rubber, which is quite understandable that you keep that to yourself. Judgement is easily cast these days and before you know it people will think you´re a freak. Eventhough a lot of people love rubber, I´d say at least half of them wouldn´t openly admit that they do. So I wouldn´t openly ask for people if they have a love for rubber like yourself, unless you really don´t care what others think about you. If by some chance you do meet someone else who is a rubber lover then it doesn´t automaticly mean that person is into you, something not everyone always seems to understand. As much as I´m attracted to rubber, that´s as much as I´m repulsed by people who assume things based on a little bit of information.

Maybe it´s just me but I think everything feels better in rubber, from the small things to bigger things. Yes that also means an erection, without actually touching the erection you can still feel it and when it looks so shiny under the rubber you just want to feel it against you. But don´t let that fool you that it´s only erections that feel good, a vagina that is ready for penetration feels good as well. A sensual rubber rubbing with another woman is very sexy, something you should really try at least once in your life!

zaterdag 2 november 2013

On your knees

As a Dom/Domme there is hardly ever any lack of people willing to serve, especially when you appear online. So many people seem to be eager to give themselves to a Dom/Domme. Often this commitment is given without any thought, probably it´s a way of hoping to get closer to a specific Dom/Domme or maybe it´s just one of those decisions you make without really thinking about it. That alone is already more than enough reason for me to take at least half of the offers I get not seriously, because so many people just say things they don´t really mean. It´s often just a means to an end.

Some people are actually suprised that a Dom/Domme would reject him or her, often I get a reply to my rejection that comes down to disbelief. Somehow there is this illusion out there that a Dom/Domme would accept anyone who volunteers to be a sub. I think it fits in the same place where some subs seem to believe that sex is part of the session, I´m not saying that it´s unthinkable but if it´s a session with a professional Dom/Domme then sex isn´t a part of the session. If you get payed for sex then there is a different word for that profession. It´s a shame that these illusions exist out there and I always try to correct that, but that doesn´t take away that some subs seem to believe in these illusions. Personally I get the idea that it´s mostly based on wishful thinking, but that doesn´t make it true!

I´m often careful with people that are so eager to serve, that get on their knees without any form of protest. You might think that it´s nice to have a sub that does exactly what you say, but I find it a little bit suspecious. Especially when I look at some online subs, but that doesn´t mean that it´s all bad. Some subs are really just that eager to serve, maybe being without a Dom/Domme for a (long) period of time makes you a bit more eager to serve? Still you shouldn´t be too desperate, especially for a first impression it could work against you. Giving someone a compliment is nice, but sucking up to someone is just sad. Maybe sometimes it works, but I think most Doms/Dommes would look through that. Probably the same way as some subs look through wannabe Doms/Dommes. Calling yourself a Dom/Domme or a sub doesn´t make you one, this is something some people don´t really understand.