zondag 12 januari 2014

Vampires will never hurt you!

Do you have thing for vampires? Maybe it´s thanks to those lovable Twilight movies, but then you also have the more old fashioned burn in the sun type of vampire lovers. Vampires aren´t as popular as they were, but I think a lot of people still have a thing for that and I´m certain a lot of teenage girls still have a dreamy picture of that Twilight guy (I just can´t be bothered to remember the name of that twat). Whatever it is you like, there are all types of vampires out there and so many that might work with your fantasy. But the trick is to find the vampire for you!

Modern vampire vs old fashioned vampire, which is better? I´d say that´s a matter of opinion but I think a lot of people might agree that the classic vampire (to give it a name) is more interesting, the whole sparkle thing doesn´t work for me and I find it actually quite disturbing. It´s like a Disney movie but even worse, oh wait I´m trashing that Twilight movie again huh? I don´t think there is a better version, it´s just a matter of opinion and it doesn´t really matter. If you can find someone else with the same interest as you then it doesn´t matter what the rest of the world thinks!

Vampire roleplay means biting right? Yes that means biting, but I think you´ll be done quickly if that´s all you´re going to do. I think biting is a personal thing and also something you share with someone you trust. I think a vampire wouldn´t just bite anyone, it´s something personal with someone he or she cares about. Of course when a vampire is hungry then things might actually change, I couldn´t say for certain as I´m not a vampire expert. But I´ve had my fair share of vampire roleplay, both with real blood and the more dull with with red wine. As much fun as you might have with that, remember that it´s important that you´re careful. But I think that counts for most kinky things, it´s nice to have fun but always be careful!

Last but not least, do vampires really exist? Who am I to say that they don´t exist, I think there is more going on than we can see and vampires might play a role in that. What I do know is that most people that scream online that they´re a vampire are usually full of crap, so don´t listen to some idiot who claims to be something he or she is not! People that look for real vampires shouldn´t post that online, if a vampire knows that you´re looking for him or her then he or she will find you.

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