dinsdag 14 januari 2014

A boot fetish is the ultimate fetish?

I love boots, I think people look sexy in boots and I love it when people start wearing boots again after a long Summer. But what makes a boot fetish the ultimate fetish? First of all it´s simple, it´s not something complicated or very expensive (unfortunately some boots can be quite expensive). You see someone with boots on, you find it a turn on that someone wears boots, you admire the person wearing boots and before you know it you´re on your knees licking and kissing the boots. Well that´s a very simple way of a boot fetish fantasy. But I think there is more to it, it´s not just boots that are sexy but also the person wearing them. Does the outfit match with the boots and what type of boots do you find sexy? I´ve heard several people that like boots to be as long as possible, which often leads to thigh high boots and crotch boots. But you also have lovers of knee boots and ankle boots. Then there is the type of material. For example do you like leather boots, shiny boots, suede boots or rubber boots? Another factor that can be important is the condition of the boots, are they brand new or completely worn out? Some even find the smell of sweat in the boots a big turn on.

Is someone with a boot fetish weird? If you consider that weird then you´ve clearly haven´t heard of certain other fetishes, the most important thing is that you don´t judge others for their fetish as yours might be just as weird if not even more weird. Of course we all behave as civilized people and pretend we´re normal, but in reality we´re into some weird things and some of these things can be a big turn on. Does that make us weird? Maybe, but it´s not nice to tell people that they´re weird just because their fetish seems strange to you. But I have to agree that sweaty boots aren´t really my thing either, but some nice shiny boots do make me want to bite someone!

Sex in boots is the best type of sex? Well I can´t say I´ve had all types of sex, I doubt anyone has, but sex in boots can be a real turn on. Especially when you have a boot fetish and it will make a guy rock hard and a woman wet, inviting boots into your sex life might seem weird and yet it might give you that extra spark you´re looking for. Wether it´s under the sheets, in a business office or in the stables. Boots come in so many different styles and types that there is probably a pair for everyone. Wearing something that drives your partner wild is a good way to have incredible sex, but that doesn´t mean that you can sit back and relax. Boots are sexy but that doesn´t mean you don´t have to do anything!

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