zaterdag 18 januari 2014

When pain turns you on

I´ve heard from several people how much they like pain, but half of the time I have my doubts about that. Not just the way they say it, but also their motivations of why they consider it a turn on. But why would someone lie about that? I don´t think it´s something you say to impress people or attract people to you. I think that for a lot of people the idea seems like fun or maybe even exciting, but some of these people put themselves in an uncomfortable situation because they misjudged it. This leads to embarrassing moments, because if you´re going to cry like a baby because you got a booboo then don´t  be suprised if people will make fun of you. In BDSM there is something you should keep in mind, don´t pretend to be someone you´re not! But I´d say this counts for most things in your life.

So why are some people pretending to be turned on by pain? I think sometimes it´s because they´ve got an attraction for a Dom/Domme and think that by lying they could get closer to someone. Let me tell you a little secret, you don´t have to be into BDSM to be in a relationship with a Dom/Domme because having a vanilla partner isn´t against any rules. Of course it wouldn´t hurt your chances if you´re into BDSM, still it would be foolish to pretend to be into that and put yourself in a situation you don´t want to be in. If you´re curious and want to try it out then that´s quite alright, just take it easy and don´t let some wannabe Dom/Domme beat the crap out of you. We all have to learn at one point but that doesn´t mean that you should just throw yourself at the first person that´s willing to have you.

What does it mean to get turned on by pain? It means that pain makes your dick hard, your vagina wet and it stimulates your orgasm. But it doesn´t have to be the same as the rest, because we´re all different and it doesn´t have to be exactly like someone else. Some people get turned on when they feel a whip or cane on their buttocks, but then there are also people that get turned on when someone bites them. Is it weird to be turned on by pain? Some people will say yes and others will say no, I say that when it feels good to you then it´s quite alright. It´s weird when you deny yourself of something you like or when you pretend that you like something that you actually don´t like.

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