zondag 9 februari 2014

Being together when you´re apart

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? It´s nothing new with all the technology we have now, talking with people all over the world is quite easy. But what if you meet someone special? Someone that makes your heart go faster and makes you feel happy. What if that person lives far away from you? Would that stop you from getting in a relationship with that person or are you going to make it work?

You have all types of people in this world, some need others and then there are people that don´t really need anyone else. At least that´s what some of them say, but sometimes that´s just a way of shielding themselves from getting hurt or moving forward when they prefer to keep things the way they are now. But what if you´re someone that is looking for someone else? Is it important for you that this other person lives close to you or is that something you don´t care about?

Of course it´s better for a relationship if you can meet eachother, but also spend some time together every now and then. But it´s not impossible to be with someone that lives far away from you. Unfortunately that will often mean that one of the two will have to make a sacrifice, by moving to the other and that usually means leaving behind family and friends. It´s not impossible, I´ve seen people leave all that they know behind to be with someone they love. It´s nice in a way that they´re willing to make such a sacrifice but at the same time it´s also difficult to move away from the familiar environment and the people that care about you.

What´s I´ve noticed over the years in online communication is that not everyone is willing to put much effort in it, some will ask you quite fast what your email is or if they can Skype with you. Everyone seems to be in a rush, there is no time to get to know eachother and everything has to be quick and easy. I miss the time when you would write a letter to someone you care about, something you can hold in your hands and where you can see the dedication someone put into writing the letter. Sure you have all types of e-cards but it´s not the same. Romance seems to go extinct, we´re all in such a hurry to get from one good time to the other. It´s rare to find people willing to put an effort in something that could be more than a friendship, but at the same time it makes it easier to find people worth your time.

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