zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Why don´t you walk on high heels all the time?

I´ve gotten this question several times, often from people who believe that a Domme walks around on high heels all the time. It´s true that I have high heels but it´s not always that practical to wear them, especially when I´m going outside. Not that I´m ashamed to wear high heels but it makes walking a bit less comfortable for me. Because running or walking fast on high heels is often not that easy I prefer to wear platform boots, sure it´s not easy to run with those on either but it´s better than on high heels I can tell you that much?

But it´s a shame that some people still seem to think that a Domme is someone that has to look like the picture they have in their mind, which is of course ridiculous. High heels are just one of the things that are often mentioned when some people describe a Domme. Often it comes down to latex, thigh high boots, a whip and high heels. It´s true that some wear this, I have that as well but is that what defines a Domme?

A lot of people sometimes forget that a Domme is also a person, sure some call themselves a goddess but really we´re all just people like you. I don´t like it when people see me as a fetish, like someone that can satisfy their need for something. With this I mean that they only see me as a fetish and not as a person. If someone has a fantasy of being dominated then I have no problems with that, but when that person only sees me as the person that is going to satisfy his or her fantasy then I can´t say I´m happy about that. The bond between a Dom/Domme and a sub is more than just having the same interest in something.

I did notice that subs that kept asking me why I´m not wearing high heels got quiet when I forced them to wear high heels. Suddenly it was a bit more logic that you don´t wear high heels all the time, of course you´ll always keep the idiots that say whatever they want. These people don´t make good subs anyway, so it´s not a big loss. But I have to admit that I like some understanding and respect, a Domme doesn´t exist to be someones fantasy! Some might disagree, but often these people are on the other end of the whip....

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