zondag 23 februari 2014

Wearing latex under casual clothes

Have you ever done that? Wearing some latex clothes under your casual clothes? It´s a way of getting away with wearing what you like without anyone knowing it. It makes perfect sense to me when people do that, but it´s not very comfortable when it´s warm and even in cold times wearing latex under casual clothes might be a bit too much. Maybe some people enjoy being sweaty in latex, but I can´t say I agree with that.

I prefer to wear latex without any cover up, it has nothing to do with pride or showing off but it´s really the way I like it. I feel like I´m smothering myself by covering up my latex clothes with casual clothes. I´m not ashamed of wearing latex clothes, but seeing how the opinions of some people can be quite harsh I do understand people that do wish to hide their latex clothes. But is it really something you should be ashamed of?

In a lot of futuristic movies I see latex outfits, which gives me a little bit of hope that in the future it might actually be accepted. But so far it´s still something weird, at least that´s how a lot of people call it when they see someone dressed in latex. But is it really that weird? I mean if you want to express yourself then why should you worry about what others think? Latex isn´t weird, denying yourself something because you worry what someone else might think of it is weird in my opinion.

I think it´s a shame to cover up latex, because it´s so beautiful and I can´t imagine doing that myself. Of course it makes sense if you don´t want others to know that you wear latex, for whatever reason that might be. People will always have opinions, more often than not those opinions will be different than yours. So if you´re hiding latex clothes for others out of fear what they might think of you then it´s a real shame, because you shouldn´t have to do that and a true friend will accept you just the way you are!

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