maandag 21 april 2014

Boots vs feet

You might think that someone that likes boots probably also likes feet but that´s not true, at least not for everyone. For some that means that they wear boots all the time, even sleep in them. Especially people that are disgusted by the sight of feet seem to have a stronger fixation on wearing boots or shoes for that matter. But are feet really disgusting?

I don´t really have a problem with feet, but to be honest I prefer boots over feet. That probably sounds weird but it´s just my personal opinion, I prefer the sight of boots than feet. Especially shiny boots, but that´s a whole different fetish for me! But it´s not just that, I love the feeling of wearing boots and touching boots. It´s something that I don´t have with bare feet. Of course there are people that do love feet, so much that they´ll worship feet and treat feet as something special. Which is not that different from boot worship, but feet feel a bit more real!

Something that can be quite disgusting is when someone has dirty feet, that´s just not attractive at all and I don´t think there are people interested in that. But the strange thing is that some people do get horny when they see dirty boots, some people with a boot fetish have this uncontrollable urge to lick them clean. Something I don´t see a lot in the foot fetish community, but maybe that´s just a better kept secret?

Another thing that works better with boots is that you can wear other types of boots, feet are a bit attached to someone so you can´t really do much about that. Of course you can decorate your feet with nail polish, to name something, but it doesn´t really give you that many options. But with boots you can wear whatever you like, there are so many types of boots to choose from!

What works well for me is that boots also symbolize power, when I wear thigh high boots I feel in control and I´m not saying that I need to wear those to feel like a Domme but they do give me a good feeling. Especially people that aren´t that tall love boots to add some extra inches to their height, but it´s not that you need boots to feel more like a Dom/Domme! I love to wear boots because they feel and look good. But what´s probably one of the best things about boots is that you can take them off after a long day and just enjoy a nice foot rub!

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