zaterdag 26 april 2014

Using your fetish against you....

This might seem weird but sometimes people can be quite crafty when it comes to getting into someones head, which is why it´s usually a good idea not to share too much information about yourself to complete strangers. Especially something as a fetish that is very important to you or that can greatly influence you. For example if you go horny for thigh high boots then someone can use that against you or if someone is a reall scumbag he or she can blackmail you with that. Eventhough thigh high boots aren´t something to be ashamed for, because they look nice!

Instead of just putting all your fetishes out in the open you might want to think before you do something like that, because you don´t want the wrong people to know about the things that make you horny. Sometimes it´s not a big secret, I mean if you can´t even look at something then someone else will pick up on that sooner or later. So if you want to keep something a secret then you´ll have to be careful, but not too careful of course because then you´ll still be giving away hints about that thing that interests you.

It´s of course easy and sometimes helpful to be open about your fetishes, this way you´re more likely to find other people that have similar interests. But I don´t think it´s a good idea to tell everything about yourself right away, there should be something people can learn about you or discover. That keeps things interesting! It´s quite similar when people post nude pictures of themself, when you put something like that in the open then what is there left for someone imagination? Maybe some people like that, personally I find it a sad cry for attention. I think someone in a fetish outfit is ten times more sexy than someone that is nude!

But if you don´t want to be too much of a mystery then you can always reveal some of your fetishes, for example something that is quite common and even accepted by a lot of people. But then again who really knows what people accept and what people don´t accept. Is latex acceptable? I don´t really care, because I like it and I wear it. I love to see latex on other people and I don´t make a secret of that. So someone could wear latex and try to drive me crazy with it, maybe that will work and maybe it won´t. But you should do something and wear something because you like it, not just to please someone else. Of course there is nothing wrong with pleasing someone else, just don´t make someone elses fetish your fetish when you´re absolutely not interested in it.

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