donderdag 10 juli 2014

Too hot for latex and leather!

I´m not talking about that you look so good that you shouldn´t wear latex or leather, which is ridiculous by the way! No I´m talking about hot Summer weather and facing unbearable moments while wearing your favourite fetish clothing. It´s the worst time of the year for everyone that can´t live without their latex or leather need. So how do you survive this season?

A simple but effective way to stay cool in latex is wearing it while you take a cool shower or sit in your bath with some cool water. It might seem weird but it actually works pretty well and of course it also feels pretty amazing! Unfortunately this doesn´t work so well for leather, at least I wouldn´t risk it! For leather you really have to find some cold spots in your house or face some unbearable sweaty moments, especially when it´s hot all day and night! Otherwise you could wear your leather outfits when the sun goes down, but don´t be surprised if it´s still too hot to wear leather. It´s actually even worse when you wear pvc, but I guess a true addict will wear whatever he or she wants!

Maybe you have to be slightly insane to wear latex or leather in the Summer, because it´s just not the best material for this time of the year. Something that you might want to avoid at all costs is rubbing against other people in latex, if you´re not hot then you´ll be hot if you do that! Once again this is the wrong kind of hot wear you sweat so much that you´re almost swimming in it. I know that some people get turned on by sweat but let´s not forget that a lot of people find it disgusting with good reason!

If you´re lucky you live in a part of the world where you don´t have any hot weather during Summer, but that often means that things are a bit colder in Winter. The good thing about Winter is that you can wear more clothes to protect yourself against the cold, unfortunately when it´s warm you need to take off clothes to cool down unless you have some serious equipment to keep yourself cool! It´s not easy to have a latex or leather fetish in Summer but to be honest you don´t need to wear latex or leather to enjoy it, which is actually a subtle hint to everyone that finds it unbearable to wear it in Summer.

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