zondag 27 juli 2014

I know you!

I must admit that there aren´t a lot of people that are bold enough to say that to your face, but online people can be a bit more open with their opinions and thoughts. Which is fine with me but it gets a bit frustrating when they judge you!

A lot of times this knowledge comes from the way you look or the things you say, as if that is all that is needed for someone to figure you out. If someone actually believes that then I pity that person, because that doesn´t seem like someone that has a lot of personality. Of course there is so much more to people than that! Your hopes, dreams, thoughts, wishes and maybe even a little secret. These are all things that give shape to who you are and in the end you´re the only one who knows you the best. People will only get to know you as well as you let them. Sure they might discover things if they listen to you and/or observe your behaviour, but that´s often just a glimpse of the complete picture.

In a way we all wear masks, not always to hide yourself but sometimes for protection. People that don´t know you or hardly know you will often try to figure you out by looking at your mask, they see the surface and thus you must be what you look like. Some people are indeed not that difficult to figure out, but the arrogance to think you know someone without even giving that person a chance to express himself or herself is just foolish! People can be married for years and still have secrets, which doesn´t have to be something bad but it´s sometimes a side they keep to themself.

It´s an honour to really get to know someone, when someone is willing to share who they are with you. Not what they are, but really who they are. Such a bond is more than just words, it´s a sincere feeling of trust and acceptance that is more rare than you think.

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