zondag 6 juli 2014

Unwanted touching!

This might seem silly but it´s something that happens more often than you think, unwanted touching! So what is unwanted touching? It means that someone touches you but you don´t want to be touched or at least not by that person. I´m not talking about pretending to be important and people can´t touch you, no I´m talking about people that rub their crotch against someone else or put their hands on you when you clearly don´t want that!

Last week I met someone in a shop and we were talking, we were both dressed in leather and kind of stuck out among the other people in the shop. So while I was talking with her a man moved behind her and while moving past her he rubbed his crotch against her butt and put his hands on her sides. He almost whispered sorry and with a smile on his face quickly ran away. This guy could´ve easily moved around us but chose the path that would allow him to get close to her and rub his junk against her. Maybe you think that this guy is great for doing that but if you think that women are happy with this then you´ve clearly seen some terrible soft porn movies!

The woman I was talking with actually stayed calm, she didn´t freak out and didn´t yell. But I could see by the look on her face that she wasn´t happy! So what can you do about that? What should you do about that? Well you can make a scene in the middle of a shop but I think at that moment you don´t want attention drawn to what happened, you probably just want to forget it and move on. But it bothers me, because some scumbag gets away with being a pathetic loser and apparently this is normal. Oh people will say that it´s wrong and that guy should be locked up but in reality nothing happens, even when someone would be caught and sentenced then that person is out on the streets within a short period of time. But that doesn´t mean you should let it happen!

Perhaps it´s difficult for some people to understand but it´s not nice to touch a stranger, even when you know someone then that person isn´t always interested in being touched. Respect someones personal space! It seems childish but I think people have the right of having some personal space, it might be difficult in crowded places but when there is enough room to move around then you don´t have to get too close to others. This isn´t about asking for permission, this is about having some decency towards another person!

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