zondag 17 augustus 2014

The moment you realize that you´re into BDSM

I think it´s difficult to imagine a Dom/Domme as a kid but I doubt that many people can actually guess what kind of kid you were. Surprisingly not a bossy or dominating kid, I don´t think that this really plays a role at that point. Of course there can be subtle hints, but nothing that would clearly point out that you´d be a Dom/Domme. Then again there aren´t many things that would point out what type of person you´re going to be, you´re just too young for that and even adults can change. Everything isn´t set in stone!

So when did you realize that you´re into BDSM? Well I can tell you when I realized that I have a kinky side or at least a love for shiny things, that was something I realized in my early teen years. But a love for shiny things doesn´t make you kinky and it definately doesn´t point out that you´re into BDSM. But for me that´s how it all started, how I first heard about BDSM and my curiosity made me want to know more. I guess that´s how it is for most people in BDSM, you hear about it and/or see something about it and you want to learn more. Usually because you´re curious or even interested in what´s going on, of course there could be other motivators but this is what I´ve heard from several people so far that curiosity definately played a role!

How did it make you feel? I actually didn´t feel bad about it, I wasn´t ashamed but I realized pretty quickly that my family and friends probably won´t understand it. So I didn´t really talk about with my friends, definately not with my family! Which sucks because it´s nice if you can talk about something that interests you with other people, of course now you have the internet but back then things were a bit less social on that subject. I didn´t think that BDSM was wrong, but I did realize that I couldn´t talk about it openly with everyone that I know. Some people still think that BDSM is weird and wrong, but I´m glad that more and more people realize that it´s not as weird as they first thought. At least people seem to show a bit more respect for BDSM, even when it´s not their cup of tea.

I don´t think it´s a bad thing to discover your kinky side on an early age, I do think that it will be more difficult to meet like minded people of your own age. Maybe you have more luck online, unfortunately online contacts usually only go that far. If you want to experience it then it often comes down to people you meet at meetings or events. I guess that´s a benefit now, eventhough a lot of sites about BDSM are only for adults so as a teenager you might have to wait before you can participate on those sites. But you can find a lot of information online, there is nothing wrong with already learning about something you´re interested in!

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