zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

It´s all about trust?

I´ve heard several times that people think that in a relationship it´s all about sex, then there are people that say it´s all about respect. I´m not saying that sex and respect aren´t important, but I think that they´re forgetting about trust. Because without trust how can there be a (D/s) relationship?

It´s actually thanks to trust how I find good people among the bad ones, telling someone something in confidence and then see that this person takes this seriously and keep this a secret is something I appreciate a lot! I´m quite certain that there are more people out there that value trust a lot, because how can you be with someone if you don´t trust them? Oh sure for a one night stand trust isn´t the most important part, but in a serious relationship I find this one of the most important things. Next to love and honesty, because those are also important in a (D/s) relationship.

As a sub you have to trust your Dom/Domme, because without trust I don´t see how you can serve your Dom/Domme without hesitation or doubts. It´s also difficult to be in a (D/s) relationship when there is no trust, because how do you know that someone is loyal to you or if that person fakes his or her behaviour. Trust is more important then you might think, which seems natural but isn´t always that natural in a relationship.

I wish I could say that trust is natural and I´d say that in a way it is, but the truth is that some people can´t be trusted and that kind of shatters the trust you might have in that person. Trust is the cement that keeps a (D/s) relationship together, without it there is a good chance that it might fall apart. Once you lose someones trust then it might be difficult, if not impossible, to get it back. Which means you must thread carefully with someones trust, especially when someone is slow to trust others you might want to be honest and open about your feelings and thoughts. This way there are no surprises and things should be clear between you and your partner, which should help you improve the trust you already have with the other person.

Just think of this, when a Dom/Domme is going to whip a sub then it´s a good thing that there is trust, because without it the sub must be extremely nervous and the Dom/Domme might be uncertain about how far he or she can go. It´s just one example of how trust works in a D/s relationship, it makes things easier and better in my opinion.

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