zondag 5 oktober 2014

Autumn means leather jackets and boots

At least that´s how I see it, because suddenly people will wear more leather jackets and boots. I´d say anyone with a leather and/or boot fetish is having the time of his or her life! But it´s not just nice to look at, it´s even better to wear them yourself! Sliding your feet in some comfortable boots and feeling stronger in your leather jacket. Maybe it´s just in your head but as long as it makes you happy then who really cares!

Of course you can wear your leather jacket and boots in other seasons, but in Autumn it just feels right to me. With a cold wind and rain it´s nice to have protection against that without sweating too much, because no matter how nice leather feels you don´t want to sweat in your clothes! Which is why Summer can be a bummer, especially when it comes to wearing latex or leather. But Autumn gives you options, it´s colder so you can wear thick leather and not sweat that much in it. Which is nice for you and others around you.

I must admit that I´m a bit careful with my leather clothes, I´m not dancing in the rain in leather. In latex I do like to do that but not in leather, I guess I prefer to keep my leather cool and dry. The same counts for my boots, I don´t jump into a puddle with my boots on. I could do it but somehow I see that as a waste, because I don´t want to ruin them! I remember losing on of my spikes on my torture boots when I was jumping around with some friends, it´s just one spike but it felt like much more to me. So as much as I want to go crazy sometimes it´s smart to take good care of your clothes!

It´s amazing though that there are a lot of people out there that switch to leather jackets and boots in Autumn, maybe they just want to keep themselves warm or maybe they feel a bit more comfortable showing their awesome jackets and boots! Some might even go so far to wear leather pants and who knows what else! But that´s often a bit more rare in public, but still a welcome sight whenever you can spot someone wearing something shiny. Winter might be the season of miracles but for me Autumn is the season to see wishes come true!

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