zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

The person you are online and the person you are offline

I don´t think it´s a secret that we´re not always the same person online as when we´re offline, it makes sense because online you feel more safe thus it´s easier to say and do things. Of course this feeling of safety is but an illusion, but somehow that doesn´t keep people from doing things they wouldn´t do offline. But do these actions actually define us or are we just being fools?

People are odd, but usually you know your limits and going crazy online doesn´t happen a lot. At least not in a way where there is no way back, because we might all say or do things we might regret later but most of the time it´s nothing horrible or embarrassing enough to make you wish you never did it. Unfortunately there are people that sometimes make mistakes, showing detailed naked pictures and then they´re blackmailed by the other person with these pictures, it´s distateful but it happens. Which once again shows how vulnerable you can be online, which is why trust should always be earned and never just given.

Especially teenagers have the need to go crazy every now and then, which is fine if you do that in a safe environment but not online! As much as you might want to share something special with someone else you might want to think before you act, because you don´t want to reveal too much because once it´s out there it can´t go back! Which is why it´s important that you don´t give away certain pictures, it´s just too risky and you don´t want those pictures in the wrong hands.

Never let yourself be forced into something you don´t want to do, even as a sub you don´t have to do everything your Dom/Domme tells you. So when your Dom/Domme tells you that he or she wants nude pictures of you then I would definitely ask why he or she wants that. Don´t be afraid to ask questions, it´s not disrespectful and if he or she is offended by your questions then this isn´t a person you want to entrust with something personal like that!

It´s easy to be different online, but that doesn´t mean you have to be different. Just be yourself and do what you would normally do, don´t take a risk you wouldn´t take otherwise because there isn´t much happiness that comes from that. The B in BDSM doesn´t stand for blackmail, so try not to give someone leverage for that to happen!

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