zondag 12 oktober 2014

Why would you wear gloves?

I´m not talking about the type of gloves you wear in the snow, I´m talking about latex or leather gloves but I think you´d probably figure that out sooner or later! Gloves are not just a piece of clothing to keep your hands warm, they´re a symbol and also quite practical. They´re a part of my fetish outfit and I can´t imagine wearing anything shiny without my gloves.

Gloves are nice but isn´t that too hot to wear in Summer? It is, that´s why I have fingerless gloves especially for Summer, but those are also more practical when I´m writing or typing. It´s actually quite nice to feels something shiny and soft around your hands and arms, it gives comfort and looks good as well. I love long gloves the most, they´re fancy gloves that women used to wear for a fancy ball. I guess some people still wear them for such occasions but the time of the dress seems to be something of the past, which is a shame in a way because I like them.

But you don´t need to wear a dress to walk around with long gloves, you can wear whatever you like and if you like it shiny like me then latex gloves (or pvc) are exactly what you need! Instead of my pale skin you see black shiny arms, I think that looks hotter than a pale skin. Well maybe you disagree but I prefer to keep things shiny! But it´s nice to have some breathing room as well, so wearing short gloves or fingerless gloves are a good way to mix it up a bit.

Do people think you´re weird when you walk around with gloves? Well I don´t know what people think but sometimes some people give you a strange look, but as long as I look human I guess I´m ok. Gloves might be a bit uncommon but not exactly rare, so it´s not something that makes people stare. Even if they would then who cares? If you´re happy wearing gloves and then you should!

Do gloves also play a role in a BDSM session? Not exactly, sometimes a sub is allowed to kiss my glove if he or she worships me but for me gloves are more a symbol than a practical use in a BDSM session. But above all I wear them because I like them! It´s the same with all my other fetish clothing, I wear it because I like it and that should be the main reason to wear a particular kind of clothing.

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