zaterdag 22 november 2014

Why is latex not accepted like leather?

First of all leather isn´t accepted by everyone, if you walk around with leather pants then people will still stare at you. Mostly because it looks hot but probably also because it´s quite rare to see that in your average day village or small town, even in a (big) city this isn´t always common eventhough it might be more common if it gets colder. But leather is also identified with bikers or models (sometimes) while latex is often identified with strippers or prostitutes, some also identify it with BDSM and a lot of people don´t want others to know about their involvement with that.

But not everyone that wears latex is into BDSM, right? Exactly, but that doesn´t keep people from passing judgement and since some people are quite vulnertable to what others think of them it keeps them from expressing themselves in fetish clothing like latex. Which is a shame because I wouldn´t mind seeing more latex in public and it would definitely help if people didn´t pay attention to what others think or say about their choice of clothing. It´s your life and you can decide what you wear, it doesn´t have to be jeans and sweaters for everone!

Will latex ever be accepted by people that don´t have a kinky side? Probably not, but weirder things have happened and if latex will ever become hot in the world of fashion then more people will wear it wether they have a kinky side or not. It´s not completely unthinkable but I still consider it to be a small chance for that to actually happen. Especially when people still have a negative view on BDSM so anything related to BDSM is probably a bad thing for them as well, even if some are interested they´ll act like sheep and follow eachother in their stupid behaviour.

But this shouldn´t keep you from expressing yourself! It´s cold outside, also inside, so get your latex and leather out of the closet and wear what you want to wear! Who cares what others think or say, it´s your life and you can wear what you want! Besides when it´s cold you have a good excuse to wear latex and/or leather, tell that to the people that walk around in their skinny jeans. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you wear, if others can´t stand it then that´s their problem and not yours. You don´t harm anyone with wearing latex or leather, so wear what you like and hopefully you stay warm during these cold months!

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