zaterdag 1 november 2014

It´s more fun to be bad?

If you ask an actor then the question is often yes it´s more fun to play the villain, but what about real life? Is it more fun to be bad? I guess that depends what you consider being bad, being naughty isn´t what I consider being bad so everyone with a teasing mood might feel like they´re bad but it´s not exactly the same. Which is why I personally don´t consider being bad to be fun, at least not the type of fun I´d have when I play a game or watch a movie. But sometimes it´s nice to be bad, sometimes....

Does that make you a bad person? I wouldn´t go that far, we all have a dark side and to pretend you´re perfect is just an illusion! But it´s true that some of us have a dark twisted side that dominates the good, which sometimes lead to unpleasant personalities. Which is why it´s a good thing to hold on to something positive, even if you want to give in to the darkness you should hold on to some light. As a Dom/Domme you´re not excused of rules and it doesn´t mean that you can unleash your twisted ideas on a sub. It might seem that way to some, but that´s not how it is!

But what if you want to give in to the darkness? Well don´t! Ok that´s easier said than done, but really as a Dom/Domme you have a responsibility and not just to yourself but also your sub(s). Break the trust between you and your sub(s) and you might never get it back, so why risk it doing something stupid. If you have a rather unusual fantasy then discuss it with your sub, don´t go crazy just like that! A sub should also first check with his or her Dom/Domme about certain ideas or fantasies, nobody likes unpleasant surprises!

To some people good and bad are two sides with different opinions, maybe that´s true but that doesn´t make it ok to just do whatever you like. In the end you don´t want to be alone and miserable? Because if you´re going to act like an idiot then that´s exactly how you´ll end up. Leave the being bad part as a role you play in the bedroom, but nothing more than that. Sure that can be fun, it might even be very hot but remember that it´s just a role even if it feels more to you. Nobody wants you to be really bad, at least most people wouldn´t appreciate it. So you can play the big bad Dom/Domme, just be certain that it´s a role and not a way of life!

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