zaterdag 4 april 2015

Online domination is fake?

These days it´s nothing new, online domination. It´s the perfect way for Doms/Dommes to reach people that live too far away for a visit, but how effective is it? Could you call online domination truly domination?

I think most Doms/Dommes prefer to get their hands on their sub(s), this isn´t just more fun but it also creates a stronger bond between Dom/Domme and sub. But that doesn´t mean that online domination is fake or doesn´t mean a thing! On the contrary, it can also create a strong bond between a Dom/Domme and sub. However this bond is one strongly based on trust, especially if the contact is only via messages.

Isn´t trust always a part of the bond between a Dom/Domme and sub? It is, but there´s more to it if you meet eachother in person. When you haven´t met eachother then trust becomes an even more important factor in the bond, because it´s all you have at that point. Everything that is being said can be false, it´s difficult to check when you can´t even see eachother. But lies will eventually be discovered, it´s just a shame to waste time on such a thing. Which is why trust is usually earned and not automaticly given.

Online domination can be a powerful thing, but it can only be as strong as you let it become. If you taint it with lies or deception then it won´t hold. But the same could be said in a session, the difference is that you have a better chance to see through the lies when you meet someone in person. Eventhough some people are pretty good liars.

As much as you want to doubt people or assume that people lie it´s not the best way of handling it, when someone treats you with respect and is honest to you then you can always give someone a chance. If his or her words are truly honest remains to be seen, but to judge someone so quickly is a bit harsh. It´s not like you want to reveal everything at once, trust must be earned and so a strong bond can be formed if you give it time. This can lead to pleasant conversations and a powerful connection with the other.

Online domination isn´t fake, it´s just a different way of communicating with your subs and in a time with modern technology that isn´t a bad thing. Just remember that online people could claim to be anyone, it´s the trick to find someone worth talking to. In the end it´s still better to meet people in person, but online domination can be a good alternative. Especially when you meet people that live far away and with whom you have a good connection. It might be a challenge but if the bond between you two is strong then I´m certain that you can explore further than just pleasant conversations.

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