zondag 12 april 2015

Sex with your clothes on!

I know that some people are quick with getting their clothes off but think about it, when you wear something sexy then why hurry to get out of that? I don´t know about you but I find a body in latex way hotter than just a naked body, because in my opinion a naked body isn´t that attractive just like that. Maybe one of the reasons why some people prefer to have sex with the lights off....

In case you don´t understand how you can have sex with your clothes on then I will point you to the nearest fetish shop and buy clothes with holes in the right places so you enjoy a sexy outfit and still be able to get more intimate. Not only does this look good, it also feels good!

Did you know that some women prefer to keep their clothes on when someone fingers them? The same counts for guys that like to feel their erection pressed against latex or leather and then their partner get busy with that. If you don´t like that then that´s probably not going to cause problems, but I can recommend giving it a try!

One thing you might want to be careful with, especially guys that ejaculate inside their latex suit might have something nasty to clean up. If you don´t care about that then by all means do whatever you like, otherwise you might want to have an emergency zipper to unload before it´s too late. As I mentioned before a lot of fetish outfits have holes in all the right places.

Do clothes make you more attractive? I think they can definitely add to your look, I mean a lot of people look hot in latex and even when you´re not confident with your looks you can boost your appearance and hopefully with that your confidence. Just be careful that people don´t want to have sex with you just because you look hot in an outfit, if that´s the main reason why someone wants sex with you then that might be someone you want to avoid. Unless you´re ok with that, then by all means do whatever makes you happy!

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