woensdag 30 oktober 2013

You know you want to

A lot of times I get messages from people telling me that I look hot, which is nice to hear but then I really wonder why they say that. Is it because they think I look attractive, do they like my personality or is it because I wear some fetish outfit that drives him or her wild? Well I know the feeling, as a kid I already got excited by shiny outfits, I´ve already mentioned my Catwoman love in Batman Returns but there are of course more examples. For example in a music video by a Dutch duo called Critical Mass (I´m talking now about something from the mid 90´s) the girl was wearing a latex catsuit in one of the videos. Now that was love on first sight, I wanted to touch and wear that! But I was a teenager and not really that open about my love for latex, especially because nobody wears that where I grew up. But deep down inside my love for this shiny piece of material would grow over the years. Until I was mature enough to not care about what others think and just wear whatever I like!

This really brings me to the point, why do people often drool over your outfit but don´t really dare to come out of the vanilla closet and just admit that they love fetish outfits? I know that some people prefer to see others wear that instead of wearing it themselves. I can actually understand that, but personally I don´t find this attractive in someone. As much as I like to feel good in my outfits, I also like to see others wearing something like that. But that´s not always that easy, especially when most people you meet in your daily life hide behind excuses why they don´t like it or wear it. As a teenager I get it, but as an adult you can just be honest and say that you like something? I don´t ask people to parade through the streets wearing latex, but this complete refusal of doing anything seems a bit weak to me. This I only like to watch attitude, it´s boring and definately not a turn on!

But I don´t want to force people, if you´re not confident enough or just not comfortable with the idea of being seen with latex then don´t do it. Still that keeps me wondering, why deny yourself of something you really want to? So your family and friends don´t understand that? That´s a shame, it really is, but don´t let that stop you from doing something you like. As selfish as it might sound, sometimes you just have to do what you want to and not always think of what others might think or what they would say. You can live your whole life pleasing others and what do you have at the end of your life? Regret? If only I tried to put on a latex outfit, if only I tried to do something kinky. That´s why I think you should do what you want to do. To make it easier for you, with Halloween you could always wear a latex outfit and just say that it´s based on a character from a movie or something like that. You have a right to be kinky, you have a right to be interested in something less innocent and you have a right to look good in something shiny!!!!

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