zaterdag 1 maart 2014

What a sub wants

Sometimes I get the idea that there is some confusion in a D/s relationship, especially when it´s a professional relationship. Because some subs seem to think that they have nothing to say in that relationship, which might be ok for some people but I can imagine not everyone would be happy in such a situation. Because no matter how much you want to please your Dom/Domme, you also have your own wishes and you shouldn´t be afraid to talk about that. Maybe you´re not that confident to talk about it but you shouldn´t be afraid that a professional Dom/Domme won´t listen to you. Because a Dom/Domme that doesn´t care about a sub isn´t really a Dom/Domme in my eyes!

Of course as a sub you´re respectful with your wishes towards a Dom/Domme, don´t bother asking a Dom/Domme something you probably know won´t happen. You might think that it´s ok to ask, but not everyone likes to be bothered with certain questions. Especially when it´s something about a Dom/Domme having sex with a sub, if your relationship is strictly professional then I doubt that´s going to happen. It´s at least something I don´t do and I don´t expect any professional Dom/Domme to do that either!

I´ve heard from subs who had ideas or suggestions and were too afraid to ask, often out of fear that the Dom/Domme would refuse that and wouldn´t want any contact with them anymore. I don´t think that it´s going to be that bad, unless you say something that they consider as an insult or disrespect. But if it´s a decent question then I doubt anyone would respond that negative.

As a Dom/Domme you should respect your sub, sure you dominate him or her but that doesn´t mean you should ignore them when they have questions or something else to say. I know that there are some bad Doms/Dommes out there, people that think it´s all about them and this annoys me quite a lot. But these people aren´t real Doms/Dommes, they´re just a waste of time!

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