zaterdag 28 juni 2014

Desperate Doms/Dommes?

As a frequent visitor on the internet you´re probably familiar with people that are desperate (aka attention whore), people that make nude pictures hoping this will get them attention and often it does. But the attention they get isn´t always what they´re looking for. Even if it is then it´s still a desperate move to go there. You might think only some people do this but in fact there are a lot of people that do this, even Doms/Dommes!

Nude Doms/Dommes? Well it´s nothing new really, but I find it so distasteful when people post nude pictures online in some desperate attempt to get attention. As a Dom/Domme you should have some dignity, well to be honest every person out there shouldn´t post nude pictures of himself or herself online. Even on certain sites I wouldn´t recommend it. As a Domme I find it difficult to understand why another Dom/Domme would do such a thing, because posting nude pictures has very little to do with domination and it´s actually more a submissive move in my opinion.

What wrong with nude pictures? In a way there is nothing wrong with nude pictures, but it´s wrong to post them online for everyone else to see them. If it´s something you want to share with someone special then so be it, but to go online and share it with the rest of the world or even in a certain group of people just seems weird to me. Because what type of signal do you give to others? Not a dominant signal! But then there are people that call this art, well that´s probably a matter of opinion and I don´t see how that justifies someone posting nude pictures. I find it rather disgusting when people have to show nude pictures just like that, what happened to teasing pictures where you could only see a glimpse that made you want more? A lot of people seem to have lost their creativity and decided to show everything just like that, easy and simple!

Of course it doesn´t end with just one or two nude pictures, no some people have a penis profile picture that appears everywhere. It´s great that someone is proud of his or her private parts but keep it in your pants, nobody with even the slightest hint of intelligence wants to see that! It´s sad that Doms/Dommes also participate in such behaviour. But it doesn´t surprise me, a lot of people say that they´re a Dom/Domme and they´re just a sad case that lives in a fantasy world. What does surprise me is that it´s not just young Doms/Dommes, even the older Doms/Dommes seem to do this. Which is quite sad and I´m disappointed that people are so easily turned to something that is just sad. But maybe that´s the world we live in now, you get to see everything and you don´t have to do anything for it.

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