zaterdag 17 januari 2015

Leather everywhere!

Have you noticed how more and more people wear leather? Not just for a special occasion but also for casual situations, which is quite interesting to me. I love leather and prefer to wear it every day, but there are situations where it´s probably not that appropriate. I doubt you can wear leather with every job and even when you could then it´s not always a smart idea when your leather clothing can get dirty or even damaged while working. So there is usually a time and a place for leather clothing!

It´s interesting though how some days are leather days and other days aren´t. Maybe that sounds odd to you so I´ll explain. A leather day is for me a day when I see several people wearing leather clothing. Maybe this doesn´t seem special to you but there was a time when I only had a couple of leather days in a year, but now it´s close to at least once a week! I don´t count my own leather clothing for a leather day and there have to be at least fiver different people wearing leather clothing, otherwise I wouldn´t consider it a leather day.

So why is leather so popular? Speaking from personal experience I´d say that it keeps you warm when it cold, it also feels and look great! Enough reason to wear some leather clothing! Unfortunately it´s not always the right weather for that, but in a mild Winter there is a good chance to see more people wear leather clothing and then everyone with a leather fetish will have a great time looking at some interesting outfits.

The worst time of the year would be Summer when hardly anyone wears leather, at least not outside, and when it´s almost impossible to wear leather yourself. If you do feel like wearing it then you´re in for a sticky surprise! But I guess that´s where the leather fanatics separate themselves from the leather lovers. I wouldn´t blame anyone for leaving their leather clothing in the closet when it´s warm, sometimes it feels like it´s hardly worth the sweat. But that makes times like these, Winter, more precious and also more likely for you to find others like you that also love to wear leather.

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