zaterdag 21 juni 2014

Don´t be afraid to ask for advice!

I heard something disturbing a couple of days ago, a young Domme asked for some advice and instead got a lecture from an older Domme. This older Domme decided to judge this young Domme purely from what she could read on her profile and went even so far to read all the public messages she had left, which shows that this older Domme was just an annoying cow with too much spare time. What´s I´m trying to say is, don´t be afraid to ask for advice!

What´s up with the negativity? Don´t be suprised to get negativity from people when you ask for something, for every nice comment there will always be a bad comment and there isn´t much you can do about that. But instead of letting that keep you from asking for advice you can just ignore the bad replies and focus on the good ones. There are actually people out there that are willing to help!

So people judge eachother? Welcome to the internet, where people judge eachother based on (almost) nothing! Yes it´s that bad, but you shouldn´t let that keep you from asking for advice. Sometimes people with experience forget that there was a time and a place that they were new to BDSM, but now they think they know a lot and have the right to judge those who don´t have a lot of experience. If that´s what they think then they´re not as experienced as they think, they´re definately not as wise as they think! There is nothing wrong with asking questions, this way you learn and learning is never a bad thing!

It´s sad really that people hesitate to ask questions out of fear for bad responses, I guess there is always a risk that people will reply and won´t be nice to you. But never let that keep you from asking for advice! Actually people that will attack you are often sad people that have no life and thus see it as their job to keep you from having a life as well. So instead of being worried about people like that you could feel pity, if you are willing to waste time on people like that. Make the most of the time you have and don´t be afraid to ask for advice! You´re never too old to ask for advice!

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