zondag 22 juni 2014

Hiding the smell of rubber

When you like latex then you probably know about the smell, which isn´t a bad smell but you can clearly smell it if there is latex near you. Which is why some people that keep their kinky life a secret have a difficult time trying to hide the smell of rubber in their house. Which is understandable but it´s not a crime to have latex clothes! Besides if people recognize the smell then they´re probably more familiar with latex then they´re willing to admit!

Why are people hiding the latex clothes? A lot of people find latex clothes weird or they assume that you must be a prostitute or something like that. Somehow wearing latex makes you a bad person, at least in the eyes of some people. Nobody likes to be judged, especially not by family or friends. So to avoid such unpleasant moments it´s quite common that people hide their latex clothes. Which also means that they have to hide the smell of rubber, because that can be quite strong.

What about people that wear latex clothes under casual clothes? People who wear latex clothes under their casual clothes take a risk, but are most likely willing to take that risk. But it´s usually new latex clothes that have the strongest smell, so don´t worry about latex clothes that are a bit older. I wouldn´t underestimate the power of the smell though, but if you don´t care about that then do whatever you like. Just remember that people will notice the smell and then the questions come, so I hope you have a good excuse ready or if you feel like sharing your kinky side with others then by all means tell them about your latex clothes. I wouldn´t be ashamed, but I can understand why some people prefer to keep that side hidden from family and friends.

How do you hide the smell? You can use candles with a nice smell to them when you light them, it brings a nice setting to any room and it can perfectly hide that rubber smell. Of course if you don´t like candles you can also spray some deodorant or something similar in the room, it´s not that difficult to hide the rubber smell. But you can also just put your latex clothes in a good spot where family and friends don´t get close, a private closet to give it a name. I actually like the smell, so I don´t really see the need to hide it. When people ask me what that smell is then I just say it´s a new game, that usually has a type of plastic smell and for people that are unfamiliar with latex it could be the same thing. But to anyone that is familiar with latex they´ll know it´s not!

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