vrijdag 20 juni 2014

Handbook of happiness!

(1) Be happy! Yes whenever someone says that it makes me want to shoot myself, but to be honest when you feel sad then things usually don´t get better by staying sad. So embrace that little bit of happiness you have left and hug the crap out of your teddy, it´s time to smile!

(2) Embrace yourself! No not literally! Well you could do that, but I mean that you should accept who you really are and stop pretending. If you can´t accept yourself then how can anyone else accept you?

(3) Smile! Oh yes that can be difficult, how the hell can you smile at others especially when you don´t like them? Instead of thinking what you don´t like, think about what you do like. Otherwise try to imagine people being naked or strapped in latex, that usually makes me smile!

(4) Make love, not war! That seems like a good idea but how to make love when you´re alone? Unless you have no hands then there shouldn´t be an excuse, but seriously treat others with respect and hopefully you get respect in return! If people hate you for being yourself, then they just need a hug or a kick in the face! Oh wait, that´s not love....

(5) Do the unexpected! Sounds daring and I guess it is, but if you always do the same stuff and it makes you unhappy then maybe it´s a good idea to try something new! You don´t have to be extreme with such things, but if you want to spice things up then you won´t get complaints from me!

(6) Listen to music! Music has a strong effect on people, so don´t underestimate the strength of music! If you´re feeling sad then listen to something that makes you happy or maybe even hopeful. It´s better than watching how grass grows, which can be fascinating but you don´t want to look back at your life and mention that as one of your highlights!

(7) Do good things! It seems simple but people don´t always think of the greater good, it´s easier to think about me me me me me me....well you know what I mean! If you do something nice for someone else then that makes you happy as well, bring happiness to others and you´ll feel better yourself. If not then at least the other person is happy, that´s at least something!

(8) Meet new people! Hanging around the same people all your life might be boring, even when it´s not then it´s nice to meet new people and maybe meet someone interesting. Don´t be afraid to say hi to strangers, they don´t bite! Well not all of them....

(9) Take good care of yourself! It´s nice if you always do things for others, but don´t forget about yourself! Take a day off and have a great time with whatever it is that relaxes you. Remember, it´s not forbidden to use your hands!

(10) Don´t listen to what others tell you to do! Hah didn´t expect that, did you? In a way that means forget about everything I just said, but you could also think about not trying to please others but try to find your own way in life. Don´t be afraid to follow your own dreams, even if that means leaving family or friends behind. Not everyone can always follow you on your path, which is a shame but that´s how it goes. But there are other people you can meet along the way, don´t let anyone or anything stop you from being happy!

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