vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

Men that secretly love CD/TV but hide this from their girlfriend/wife

It´s no secret that there are some hot and sexy looking cd´s and tv´s out there, some can really make you stare at the screen as you´re amazed by their beauty. So I don´t find it strange that there are men who are in a relationship with a woman that look up these pictures. That´s not a problem, not at all. The problem is when they bother these cd´s and tv´s with obscure messages and try to hide their own lust for them. Is it so bad that you´re attracted to a cd or tv?

On datingsites it´s nothing new, when a cd or tv (or women in general really) post an ad then there are usually plenty of unpleasant messages. Some are the simple messages with messages like: you´re hot, I want you, suck my dick, etc. There are even men who go so far to contact them and start naughty conversations, but the moment they´re done (which doesn´t take long for most men) it´s over. They don´t contact the cd or tv anymore and probably go sleep next to their girlfriend or wife. Clearly these people are hiding a part of who they are, to like someone but they´re ashamed to admit it. Often their girlfriend or wife has no idea of these fantasies and adventures their boyfriends and husbands have.

Personally I find it stupid to treat people like that, a cd or tv is a person just like you and me. They deserve just as much respect and they shouldn´t be treated as jerk off material, something you can dispose when you´re done. Playing with someones feelings is cruel, but in a way people who behave like that are sad. To lead a life where they always have to lie, to the one they live with and to the one they talk to online.

Isn´t it better just to come clean? To tell your girlfriend or wife the truth, it doesn´t have to mean the end of the relationship and if your partner loves you then maybe you can talk about it. I´m not saying every woman feels like sharing her man with a cd or tv, but maybe you can spice things up in the bedroom. Maybe he has a fantasy to dress up as a woman, discover things together and play. Isn´t that much better than wasting your time online and waste the time of people who actually are looking for someone to be with?

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