donderdag 8 augustus 2013

When your boyfriend/husband loves anal

A lot of guys like the standard positions, they just do their thing and at the end of the show they go to sleep. But is that really how it goes for everyone? Did you ever had a fantasy where your girlfriend/wife would penetrate you? A strap-on is a good toy/tool for women who lack  the necessary equipment. But how do you know if your boyfriend husband likes anal?

Well it´s not something you can read on their faces, but when there is trust between you and your partner you´ll feel more comfortable to share private information. Even information that might be sensitive and something that they´ll want to stay secret for as long as possible. If you want to spice things up in the bedroom then anal is something different that you both can try, the fun thing is that it works for both partners. Wether you´re male or female, as far as I know most people have the necessary entry/exit hole!

Some guys are worried that having an anal fantasy makes them gay. Well for all of you who has this idea, don´t worry about it. If your partner is a woman, if you´re only attracted to women then you´re still straight. Even when your girlfriend/wife is inches deep with her strap-on inside you, it doesn´t make you gay. I guess there is a gray area when it comes to transsexuals, but if you see them as a woman and they want you to see them as a woman then in my opinion it doesn´t make you gay. You´re attracted to them for being and looking like a woman, so that still counts as being straight in my book! But there is no shame is being bisexual, so don´t worry too much about it.

A little bit of advice for having anal sex for the first time! If you´re the one penetrating someone for the first time then make certain that you don´t go in wild. You can really hurt and damage someone if you´re not careful! Start slowly and then you can increase the pace a bit, but for a first time you don´t want to go all rodeo style on someone. Especially if it´s also the first time for the receiver! If you don´t want to go anal then make that clear, no matter how much the other whines or begs. It´s your body and if you´re uncomfortable with something then don´t do it!

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