donderdag 22 augustus 2013

You know you have a rubber fetish when....

I´ve never made it a secret but I´ll say it again, I love latex!!!! I know I´m not the only one, because the comments don´t lie when it comes to latex pictures. Still latex isn´t widely accepted and you don´t see many people wear in in their everyday lives. So what makes latex so unacceptable to be seen in it? Is it because a lot of people associate latex with a prostitute? I´m certain people will have their reasons for not liking it, at least that´s what they´re saying. But do people really hate it that much?

When you see a man or a woman in latex, you see they´re shiny body moving around and it brings out all the best of their body. How can you not feel an attraction to that? I guess with a rubber allergy you have a good reason but otherwise I´m just getting the idea that you´re fooling yourself if you hate that. I mean is it really so terrible when someone in latex is rubbing with his or her butt on your crotch? When you saw Catwoman in Batman Returns didn´t you want to lick her clean? I´d say you´re only denying yourself of great pleasure by pretending you hate it, but if you think you can live that way then by all means feel free to do so.

But how do you realize that you have a rubber fetish? Well it´s actually not that difficult to discover, just look up some latex pictures on the internet and if you get turned on by what you see then it´s safe to say you have a rubber fetish. Of course a rubber fetish goes a lot further then just looking at pictures. Because you want to feel it, taste it and smell it too! Maybe you know someone that has latex boots, gloves, top or pants. If you feel yourself attracted to them because they wear something made out of latex then that might be because of your rubber fetish or you´re just attracted to them as a person, everything is possible! But once you´ve had a rubber finger in your mouth and sucked on it, then you want more!

I can definately understand if people are reluctant to admit that they have a rubber fetish. Not everyone will understand it and many would want to make fun of you, but just remember that the people that make fun of you might have the same fetish (or maybe even something stranger) and are cowards for not daring to admit it! So when you experience a fantasy by having sex with your partner in latex they´ll just be stuck in the same old routine with their partner. I´m certain a lot of people have an interest in it, some might even have an entire fantasy about rubber while others are just curious. I´d say if you have an interest then explore those feelings and maybe you discover a side of yourself that you didn´t even know you have!

Rubber doesn´t only feel good, it also tastes good!

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